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The Center’s most important events and activities, including meetings, visits, conferences, roundtables and seminars, receptions, interviews and media comments.

August 2013
1   ACNIS analyst Armine Ghazarian gives an interview to Zhamanak daily on “Moscow Wages Very Successful Psychological Wars against Armenia on Regular Basis.”
5   Center founder Raffi K. Hovannisian meets and confers with Indian Ambassador to Armenia Suresh Babu.
10   ACNIS analyst Edgar Vardanian gives comments to Gala internet television on “Indirect Pressures by Russia [on Armenia].”
13   Vardanian’s comments on “What Should We Expect from Vladimir Putin's Upcoming Visit to Baku?” are published by Hraparak daily.
16   Center director of administration Karapet Kalenchian attends Ukrainian Embassy reception on the occasion of the 22nd Anniversary of the Independence and confers with Ambassador Ivan Kukhta.

Edgar Vardanian’s comments on “Why Does Civil Society Avoid Political Forces?”  are covered by 1in.am news agency.

Vardanian gives comments to Galatv.am news agency on “Why Ilham Aliev’s Re-Election Is Advantageous for Serzh Sargsyan?”
20 Edgar Vardanian’s comments on civic activists’ struggle against bus fare rise in Armenia are covered by Aravot.am news agency.
21   Vardanian gives an interview to Aravot daily on domestic political issues and foreign developments around Armenia.

ACNIS analyst Edgar Vardanian’s article entitled “Civic Disobedience and Law Enforcement Agencies” is covered by Lragir.am, and Zham.am news agencies.

Center analyst Saro Saroyan’s comments on “Iran Will Be Involved as Syrian Ally in a Possible War Against Syria” are covered by Tert.am news agency.

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