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The Center’s most important events and activities, including meetings, visits, conferences, roundtables and seminars, receptions, interviews and media comments


Center administrator Karapet Kalenchian and research director Stiopa Safarian attend Romanian National Day reception, confer with chargé d’affaires Gabriel Grecu and Ukrainian Ambassador Alexander Bozhko.


Center founder Raffi K. Hovannisian is referenced by Azg as a public leader trying to modernize the country.

4   Raffi Hovannisian attends Greek Embassy reception, confers with Ambassador Panayota Mavromichali, French Ambassador Serge Smessow, Brazilian Ambassador Renate Stille, and Indian Ambassador Reena Pandey.

Research director Stiopa Safarian, analyst Syuzanna Barseghian, and public affairs specialist Lilit Sarukhanian meet with officers of the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs.


Research director Stiopa Safarian’s comments on Armenia are published by Nezavisimaya Gazeta in “The Escaping Outpost.”


Raffi Hovannisian is referenced by Haikakan Zhamanak as a leader who has initiated the civil rights movement in Armenia and by Hayots Ashkarh as a leader with a large electoral base.

  Michael Druckman of the International Republican Institute and Rasa Alisauskiene of the Gallup Organization visit the Center, meet with research director Stiopa Safarian, senior analyst Hovsep Khurshudian, and analyst Syuzanna Barseghian.
    Gallup surveys refer to Raffi Hovannisian as Armenia’s most trusted public leader.

Center research director Stiopa Safarian, senior analyst Hovsep Khurshudian, and public affairs specialist Lilit Sarukhanian attend workshop on “Monitoring of Democratic Reforms in Armenia” organized by the Yerevan Press Club and Open Society Institute.


Raffi Hovannisian is referenced in the Yerevan Press Club’s “Monitoring of Democratic Reforms in Armenia: Report 2006.”


Raffi Hovannisian’s comments on Armenian women and the political arena are covered by ArmeniaNow in a special issue entitled “Women in Politics.”


Stiopa Safarian attends and addresses international conference on “Armenia-NATO: The New Partnership Agenda.”

    Safarian’s comments on the current level of NATO-Armenia relations and particularly Armenia’s commitments under the Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP) with NATO are broadcast by Armenian Public Radio.

A Turkish delegation composed of director Mensur Akgün, officers Sabiha Gündogar and Sanem Güner, Cyprus projects coordinator Sylvia Tiryaki, foreign policy assistant Utku Kundakci, and democratization coordinator Etyen Mahçupyan of the Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV), editor-in-chief Mustafa Karaalioglu of Yeni Safak newspaper, Professor Beril Dedeoglu of Galatasaray University, and research fellow Burcu Gültekin of Middle East Technical University visit the Center, confer with director Stiopa Safarian and the research staff.


Safarian’s comments on the Karabagh peace process are broadcast by Radio Liberty.


Safarian attends official opening ceremony of the Armenian Ombudsman’s Office.


The Center convenes a specialized policy roundtable on “Forecasting Political Developments in 2007,” covered by Armenian Public Radio, Noyan Tapan, A1 Plus, Arka, Arminfo, Panorama news agencies and Taregir.


Center seminar is covered by Aravot, Pakagits, Hayots Ashkarh, and Zhamanak newspapers.


Center research director Stiopa Safarian attends and addresses seminar on “Cultural Globalization and Cultural Identity.”


Center senior analyst Hovsep Khurshudian’s interview is covered by Armenia’s Delovoy Express business newspaper in “Why Armenians Cannot Have Welfare in Their Homeland.”


Raffi Hovannisian meets with Ambassador Peter Semneby, the EU’s Special Representative for the South Caucasus.


Stiopa Safarian attends and addresses seminar on “Armenia’s National Security Strategy and the Process of European Integration.”


Stiopa Safarian’s comments on Armenian national security strategy are covered by Regnum news agency.


Center research director Stiopa Safarian and senior analyst Hovsep Khurshudian attend and address roundtable on “Launching a Center for Productivity and Competitiveness” organized by the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia.


Hovsep Khurshudian and Syuzanna Barseghian attend seminar on “National Vision and Strategic Plan for Armenia’s Education Sector” organized by USAID.


Center staff holds in-house workshop on institutional performance in 2006.


Stiopa Safarian attends and addresses seminar on “Eminent Domain in Armenia.”

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