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The Center’s most important events and activities, including meetings, visits, conferences, roundtables and seminars, receptions, interviews and media comments



Center founder Raffi K. Hovannisian is the guest of the “4th Studio” program on H2 television.

Center human rights associate Zhanna Aleksanian attends public hearing on “The Legitimacy Process of the Parliamentary Elections 2007.”


Center director of research Stiopa Safarian addresses roundtable of the Public Commission for Monitoring the Legitimacy of Elections.

In Giumri, Raffi Hovannisian gives press conference at the “Asparez” club, appears as guest of the “Storaket” program on Shirak television.

In Vanadzor, Hovannisian visits the “Charles Aznavour” Cultural Complex, meets with local intellectuals and students.

Stiopa Safarian attends policy roundtable on “Karabagh and Foreign Policy.”

Hovannisian’s speech on Yerkir Media television is covered by Taregir weekly.

Center analyst Hovsep Khurshudian’s comment on parliamentary elections is covered by ArmInfo news agency.



Hovannisian’s address at the “Asparez” press club is covered by Aravot daily.


As part of an international partnership with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, the Center convenes an international policy and public opinion roundtable on “The United Nations’ Role in Genocide Prevention and Possible Intervention in Darfur,” covered by TV5 television, A1+ and Arminfo news agencies, and by Public Radio.


The Center’s seminar is covered by Azg and Hayastani Hanrapetutiun dailies.


Hovannisian’s statement on women’s day is published by Aravot daily.


Raffi Hovannisian celebrates Holy Easter at the Mother See of St. Etchmiadzin, congratulates His Holiness Catholicos Garegin II.


Stiopa Safarian confers with Georgian political scientist Paata Zakareishvili.

Hovannisian’s interview with journalists is covered by Novosti Armenia news agency.

Hovannisian’s analysis of Armenian-Russian relations is covered by A1+ news agency.


Raffi Hovannisian attends U.S. Embassy fundraising reception for the Armenian Red Cross’s anti-mine campaign, confers with chargé d’affaires Anthony Godfrey.

Hovannisian is referenced in an Economist article entitled “Armenia’s Murky Politics.”


The Center convenes a policy roundtable on “Mass Media Monitoring Results in the Pre-Electoral Period,” covered by Entrutiunner 2007, Public Radio, and Radio Liberty.

An article about the Hovannisian family appears in Zhamanak daily.

Stiopa Safarian addresses Civil Society Institute roundtable on “The Karabagh Conflict and Foreign Policy.”


Raffi Hovannisian attends Indian Embassy reception, confers with Indian Ambassador Reena Pandey, Dutch Ambassador Onno Elderenbosch, and Italian Ambassador Maccimo Lavezzo Cassinelli.

Hovannisian’s address on the domestic situation is covered by ArmInfo news agency.

Safarian’s comment on Armenian-Iranian relations is aired by Public Radio.


Center analyst Syuzanna Barseghian attends Yerevan Press Club roundtable on “The Results of the Monitoring.”


Center director of administration Karapet Kalenchian attends Iranian Embassy reception, confers with Ambassador Ali Reza Haghighian and Military Attaché Colonel Bijan Hamzehil.

Raffi Hovannisian’s interview is featured by Football Plus sports weekly.


The Center convenes an international policy and public opinion roundtable on “The Role of the United States as a World Leader,” covered by Novosti Armenia news agency.

Analyst Syuzanna Barseghian’s comments on “The Role of the United States as a World Leader” are covered by Radio Liberty.


Safarian attends roundtable on “Syria and Developments in the Middle East,” confers with counselor Vail Debqi of the Syrian Embassy.


Raffi Hovannisian is the guest of the “Irakanum” program on TV5 television.


Hovannisian is featured in the “Arajin Demker” program on Radio Liberty.


Hovannisian’s comment on the parliamentary elections is covered by HayInfo and Noyan Tapan news agencies.


Center staff lay wreath at the Tsitsernakaberd memorial to the victims of the 1915 Genocide. Raffi Hovannisian offers comments to Public Radio, Radio Liberty, Lragir.am, and Noyan Tapan news agency.

Hovannisian is the weekly guest of Azg-on-line, responds to 47 readers’ questions.

Hovannisian’s interview on Armenia’s future is covered by Novoe Vremia newspaper, Hayastani Hanrapetutiun daily, Radio Liberty, and Public Radio.


Hovannisian is the guest of the “Sur Ankiun” program on Public Radio.

Hovannisian’s comments on the Armenian Genocide and the Turkish presidential elections are covered by A1+ news agency.


The Center convenes an international policy and public opinion roundtable on “Globalization and Trade.”

In Giumri, Hovannisian gives live interview on Tsaig television’s “Tesaket” program.

Hovannisian’s analysis of Turkish presidential elections is covered by Zhamanak daily.


Stiopa Safarian attends Slavonic State University roundtable on Armenian policy challenges.


In Belgium, Raffi Hovannisian attends and addresses the annual “Brussels Forum 2007” of world leaders, confers with Secretary General Javier Solana of the European Union; Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt; Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt; US Senator Bob Bennett; US Congressman Jim Costa of Fresno; NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer; Canadian Foreign Minister Peter MacKay; European Commissioner for Enlargement Dr. Olli Rehn; Justice Stephen Breyer of the US Supreme Court; Grigoriy Yavlinskiy, member of the Russian State Duma and Chairman of the Democratic Party “Yabloko”; Prince Philippe of the Kingdom of Belgium; Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus; Turkish Parliamentarian Egemen Bagis; CNN Correspondent Jim Bittermann; US Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Fried; BBC World Anchor Nik Gowing; US Congressman Darrell Issa; Claude Misson, Director General of Belgium’s Royal Institute for International Relations; Vyacheslav Nikonov, President of Russia’s Polity Foundation; Vesna Pusic, Deputy Speaker of the Croatian Parliament; Pawel Zalewski, Member of Poland’s Sejm and Chairman of its Foreign Policy Committee; and Robert B. Zoellick, Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs International.



Hovannisian’s participation in the Brussels Forum is covered by Lragir.am.


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