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The Center’s most important events and activities, including meetings, visits, conferences, roundtables and seminars, receptions, interviews and media comments


Center founder Raffi K. Hovannisian’s participation in the Polish Solidarity movement’s 25th-anniversary conference is referenced in Arka news agency, Armenians Today information bulletin, and Yerrord Uzh, Asbarez, Haikakan Zhamanak and Noyan Tapan Highlights newspapers.


Center director of research Stiopa Safarian receives Berend Boucherie, policy adviser to the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Stiopa Safarian’s comments on the privatization of electricity distribution networks are covered by ArmeniaNow in “Power Play: Questions Arise over Armenian Electricity Networks Deal with Russian Company.”


Center analyst Hovhannes Vardanian attends reception in honor of deputy director Laura Jewett of the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs.


Center analyst Alen Ghevondian attends OSCE reception on the occasion of the 30th-anniversary of the Helsinki Final Act.


Raffi Hovannisian receives Laura Jewett, NDI senior associate and deputy director for Eurasia.


Center director of administration Karapet Kalenchian attends events dedicated to Ukrainian culture, confers with Ambassador Alexander Bozhko.


In Åland Islands, Finland, research director Stiopa Safarian attends and addresses a conference on “The Åland Process” organized by The Åland Islands Peace Institute.


Raffi Hovannisian’s interview on the 25th-anniversary of Solidarnost is broadcast by Radio Liberty, Kentron television’s “Epicenter” program, and Shant television’s “Horizon” program.


Leader of the National Rebirth Party Albert Bazeyan references Raffi Hovannisian in Shant television’s “Herankar” program, Aravot and Pakagits newspapers, and Gazeta SNG.


Raffi Hovannisian’s comments on proposed constitutional amendments are covered by ArmeniaLiberty in “Opposition Gears for Campaign against Constitutional Changes.”


Raffi Hovannisian is referenced by Haikakan Zhamanak in “National Movement Should not be Forgotten,” and by Aravot daily in “From Solidarnost to Democracy” and in “Women Can Change Much.”


Karapet Kalenchian and Hovsep Khurshudian attend Ukrainian independence day reception, confer with Ambassador Alexander Bozhko.


Founded by Armenouhi and Raffi K. Hovannisian, the Orran benevolent organization launches one-month campaign for destitute children and elderly, covered by Kentron, Shant, Armenia, ArmNews, Yerkir, HaiTV, H2 television, Aravot and Noyan Tapan Highlights newspapers, and A1 Plus.


Raffi Hovannisian meets with US Ambassador John Marshall Evans and Donna Evans, former President of the World Affairs Council of Washington.


Center public affairs specialists Lilit Sarukhanian, Araksia Khalatian, and Lilit Papikian attend press conference training organized by the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs.


Raffi Hovannisian congratulates the first anniversary of 168 Zham weekly.


Research coordinator Stiopa Safarian appears as a special guest on ALM television’s “The Value of the Question” program.


Raffi Hovannisian receives Martin Swartz, US Deputy National Intelligence Officer for Russia and Eurasia.


The Center’s poll on “The Karabagh Story: 17 Years in Progress” is referenced by Crisis Group Europe Report No 166 in “Nagorno-Karabagh: Viewing the Conflict from the Ground.”


Stiopa Safarian’s comments on the self-government model of the Åland Islands are covered by Aravot daily in “This Version was Also Canceled.”


Stiopa Safrian and Alen Ghevondian attend US Embassy reception in honor of Deputy National Intelligence Officer Martin Swartz, confer with Kelly Kilver of the Embassy’s political/economic affairs section and Cynthia Falk, first secretary for regional issues.


Raffi Hovannisian’s interview on the role of the Diaspora in democracy-building in Armenia is covered by Oneworld Multimedia and Groong news network.


Stiopa Safarian’s comments on Armenia and Mountainous Karabagh are covered by Italy’s Peace Reporters.


Alen Ghevondian attends roundtable on prospects for political science organized at Slavonic University.


Hovsep Khurshudian attends seminar on “New Europe and the South Caucasus: Prospects for New Neighborhood Policy” organized by Friedrich Ebert Foundation.


Center public affairs specialist Lilit Sarukhanian attends the second anniversary celebration of Pakagits club and newspaper.


Center analyst Syuzanna Barseghyan attends presentation of a book on “Democracy, Education and Multiculturalism: Dilemmas of Citizenship in a Global World” by Carlos Alberto Torres and lecture series by the author.


In Vienna, Austria, Center research director Stiopa Safarian attends and addresses Wilton Park conference on “The European Union’s Eastern Neighbors and the Future of Enlargement.”


Raffi Hovannisian releases a statement on the draft constitutional amendments to be put to a nationwide referendum, covered by Aravot, Golos Armenii, Iravunk and Hayots Ashkarh newspapers, and Taregir, A1Plus, ArmeniaLiberty, RFE/RL Newsline, Noyan Tapan, Arminfo, Regnum news agencies, Kavkazskiy Uzel, Mediaforum.Am, Armenians Today Bulletin, Day.Az.


Raffi Hovannisian’s letter congratulating its second anniversary is referenced in Pakagits newspaper.


Raffi Hovannisian attends Greek Embassy reception to bid farewell to outgoing Ambassador Antonios Vlavianos.


Center analyst Hovhannes Vardanian attends Armenia 2020 conference.


Alen Ghevondian attends oath ceremony of newly-elected student council members at Derenik Demirchian High School.


Alvard Barkhudarian’s comments on “The Achievements and Losses of Independence” are broadcast by Armenia television.


Karapet Kalenchian attends inauguration meeting with Ukrainian Ambassador Alexander Bozhko.


Hovhannes Vardanian and Alvard Barkhudarian meet with Consortium Initiative Strategic Adviser Catherine Barnes, confer on review process for greater strategic insight into effective ways of supporting conflict transformation.


Raffi Hovannisian receives Alan Rousso, senior political counsellor of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


Hovannisian is referenced in Yerrord Uzh as a serious political force for the international community in the strategic perspective.


Hovhannes Vardanian attends seminar on “Outcomes of the No Peace-No War Situation” organized by the Vanadzor Branch of Helsinki Citizen’s Assembly.


Center analysts Alen Ghevondian and Syuzanna Barseghian attend lecture on “Ethno-Cultural Processes in the Contemporary World” by Sergey Arutiunov, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and head of the Caucasus Department at its Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology.


Center public affairs specialist Lilit Sarukhanian attends policy seminar on freedom of information in Armenia.


Raffi Hovannisian is referenced as the public figure with the highest rating by Noyan Tapan Highlights, and independent survey conducted in August.


Raffi Hovannisian appears as a special guest on Yerkir television’s “The Theme of the Day” program.


Raffi Hovannisian’s interview is covered by Regnum news agency in “In Many Questions Russia is a Strong Ally.”


Karapet Kalenchian attends Chinese Embassy reception marking the 56 th anniversary of establishment of the People’s Republic of China, confers with Ambassador Zuo Xueliang and US Embassy chargé d’affaires Anthony Godfrey.


Kalenchian attends OSCE reception on “Tolerance Through Culture.”


In Tsaghkadzor, Center legal advisor Knarik Ohanian attends and addresses a special program on legal clinics.


The Center convenes specialized roundtable to issue the results of public surveys on “Regional and Community Development Issues in Armenia” and “Development Issues in Yerevan,” covered by Kentron television, Radio Liberty and Armenian public radio, ArmeniaLiberty, Panorama, Arminfo, Arka and Noyan Tapan news agencies.


Stiopa Safarian gives interview to Kentron television and RadioLiberty on the Center’s poll.


Karapet Kalenchian attends events dedicated to the culture of Belarus.

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