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The Center’s most important events and activities, including meetings, visits, conferences, roundtables and seminars, receptions, interviews and media comments


Center founder Raffi K. Hovannisian’s award of the Fridtjof Nansen Memorial Gold Medal is covered by Noev Kovcheg of Russia and Vanadzor’s city newspaper.


Raffi Hovannisian appears in annual almanacs entitled “Who is Who in Armenia?” and “Armenian Lawyers: VII-XXI Centuries.”


The Center convenes roundtable on “The South Caucasus: Common or Separate Destinies?” to issue the results of a public survey and a specialized questionnaire on “Armenia’s Place and Role in the Region,” covered by Shant, Armenia, Kentron, ArmNews, TV5, Avetis and AR television, Radio Liberty, Radio Hay, HayFM and Armenian public radio, Armenpress, Arminfo, Noyan Tapan, Mediamax, A1 Plus, ArmeniaLiberty and Regnum news agencies, Pan Armenian News, MariNews, Day.az, Today.az, and Kavkazskiy Uzel.


Center research coordinator Stiopa Safarian and analyst Alvard Barkhudarian attend US Embassy reception to celebrate the 229th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.


Center roundtable is covered by Taregir, Yerkir, Aravot, Haikakan Zhamanak, Hayots Ashkarh, Azg and Hayastani Hanrapetutiun newspapers.


Stiopa Safarian’s comments are covered by Gazeta SNG in “Basic Geopolitics.”


Stiopa Safarian appears as a special guest on H1 television’s “Tabula Rasa” program, comments on “The Caucasus: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.”


The Center’s poll is referenced by RIA Novosti in “Armenia has Stronger Defense Position than Azerbaijan and Georgia” and “Nagorno Karabagh Conflict is the Main Factor of Foreign Impact on Armenia.”


Safarian’s expert opinion is reflected by Noyan Tapan Highlights in “‘New Neighborhood’ Program Outlines Interrelations between US and Russia in South Caucasus.”


Armenia television covers Raffi Hovannisian’s remarks at the Armenian Reporter International’s 40th anniversary celebration in Paramus, New Jersey.


Raffi Hovannisian and analyst Hovsep Khurshudian attend Constitutional Court conference dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Armenian Constitution. The event is covered by A1 Plus and by H2, Yerevan, Armenia, ALM, Shant and ArmNews television.


Hovannisian is noted by A1 Plus as the only public figure to approach and address residents assembled near the Constitutional Court in protest against their expulsion from their Yerevan homes.


The Center’s poll is referenced by RIA Novosti in “Russia has Greatest Influence on Armenia.”


In Tbilisi, research coordinator Stiopa Safarian attends and addresses seminar on “Conflicts in the South Caucasus: Political, Security and Development Challenges” organized by the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, the Caucasus Policy Institute at King’s College in London, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and Conciliation Resources.


Stiopa Safarian gives interview to Armenian public radio’s “Hai Dat” program on Armenian-Turkish relations.


The Center’s recent poll on “Armenia’s Place and Role in the Region” is referenced by the website of Canada’s Center for Public Opinion and Democracy in “Armenians Divided on NATO Membership.”


Stiopa Safarian attends US embassy reception, confers with economic officer David Letteney.


Safarian’s comments on the Center’s poll are covered by Regnum news agency in “35% of the Armenians are for Armenia’s Accession to NATO.”


Domitilla Sagramoso, research fellow of the Center for Defense Studies at King’s College in London, and James Nixey, manager of Chatham House’s Russia and Eurasia Program, visit the Center, confer with Stiopa Safarian and research staff.


Center legal adviser Knarik Ohanian attends celebration of the 83rd anniversary of advocacy in Armenia.


Research coordinator Stiopa Safarian appears as a guest on H2 television’s “Right to Speech” program, discusses “Freedom of Information and Struggle against Corruption.”


Raffi Hovannisian receives Ambassador Aleksi Härkönen, head of the Finnish delegation to OSCE, and Ambassador Vladimir Pryakhin of OSCE’s Yerevan office.


Stiopa Safarian attends and addresses policy discussion on constitutional reforms.


David McFarland of the US Embassy’s political and economic affairs section visits the Center, confers with Center administrator Karapet Kalenchian and research coordinator Stiopa Safarian.


Hovannisian’s interview with Yerrord Uzh newspaper is entitled “Revolutionary Situations Should not be Ruled Out in Armenia.”


Raffi Hovannisian attends French National Day celebration, confers with Ambassador Henry Cuny.


Stiopa Safarian’s comments on the Karabagh peace talks are broadcast by ArmenAkob and Shant television.


Stiopa Safarian’s views on the settlement of the Karabagh conflict are covered by Gazeta SNG.

    Center analysts Hovhannes Vardanian and Alen Ghevondian attend and address seminars on the Armenian government’s approaches to the Millennium Challenge Account and to the European Neighborhood Policy.

Stiopa Safarian’s comments on constitutional reform are covered by A1 Plus.


Raffi Hovannisian receives Indian Ambassador Deepak Vohra.


Stiopa Safarian attends Yerevan Press Club’s 10th anniversary celebration and awards ceremony.


The Center convenes policy roundtable on “Armenia’s Energy Security,” covered by Shant, Kentron, ALM, ArmNews, Armenia and AR television, Armenian public radio and RadioLiberty, Arka, Arminfo, Armenpress and Regnum news agencies, Eurasianet, and Panorama Armenian Information Portal.


Stiopa Safarian attends policy seminar with Brookings Institution senior fellow Fiona Hill and Ömer Taspinar of the Center on the US and Europe Foreign Policy Studies.


Stiopa Safarian’s comments are covered by Aravot daily in “Kars-Akhalkalak will not be Built if Karabagh Problem is Resolved.”


Safarian attends a working discussion on “South Caucasus Integration: Ways to Eliminate Stereotypes and Overcome Obstacles” and the opening of an exhibition “Step into the Future Together: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia” dedicated to the memory of the victims of South Caucasus conflicts.


Center roundtable is covered by Taregir, Hayastani Hanrapetutiun, Haikakan Zhamanak, Hayots Ashkharh, Iravunk, Respublika Armenia, Aravot, Yerkir, and Vremia Novostey newspapers.


Stiopa Safarian’s comments on Karabagh are covered by Vremia Novostey in “The Karabagh Choice: Independence Plus Democratization of the Entire Country.”


Stiopa Safarian gives comments to Kentron television on NATO-Armenia relations.


Safarian’s interview with Yerkir weekly is titled “Church and Globalization.”


The Center’s energy seminar is covered by Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN) in “Armenia: Answers Demanded on Russia’s Unified Energy Systems Deal.”


Center analysts Hovhannes Vardanian and Syuzanna Barseghian attend policy workshop on “Democratization in a Comparative Perspective.”


Center analyst Alen Ghevondian attends seminar on “Islamism in World Politics.”


Analyst Alvard Barkhudarian meets with Rauf Rajabov of Azerbaijan’s Peace, Democracy and Culture NGO.


Stiopa Safarian attends Egyptian National Day, confers with Ambassador Abla Abdel Rahman and Deputy Chief of Mission Abdel Mohsen Said Shafey.


Safarian’s comments on Armenia’s energy sector are covered by Gazeta SNG in “Games under High Voltage.”


Stiopa Safarian gives interview to Armenia television’s “Express” program on Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliev’s Karabagh policy.


Karapet Kalenchian, Stiopa Safarian, and the research staff receive a group of diasporan Armenian volunteers from the “Land and Culture” organization.


Hovsep Khurshudian attends policy discussion of “Draft Law on Lobbing: A Measure to Enhance Public Participation” organized by United Nations Development Program.


The Center convenes policy roundtable on “Armenia’s National Security Challenges,” covered by H2, Shant, Kentron, Yerkir, Avetis and AR television, Radio Liberty and Armenian public radio, Noyan Tapan, Arminfo and Regnum news agencies, Panorama Armenian Information Portal, and Day.az.


Center roundtable is covered by Aravot, Hayots Ashkharh and Ambion newspapers.


Stiopa Safarian’s comments are covered by Interfax news agency in “Armenia’s Public Opinion is Inclined toward NATO.”


Stiopa Safarian and Hovhannes Vardanian attend US Embassy reception to meet new colleagues in the political section.


Stiopa Safarian attends policy discussion on Armenia’s new draft law on religious organizations.


Analysts Hovhannes Vardanian and Alen Ghevondian attend policy roundtable on constitutional reforms in the wake of comments by the European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission).

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