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The Center's most important events and activities, including meetings, visits, conferences, roundtables and seminars, receptions, interviews and media comments


Center founder Raffi K. Hovannisian receives Chad Rogers, country director of the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs.

Center analyst Stiopa Safarian meets with Dr. Rainer Freitag-Wirminghaus of the German Institute for Middle East Studies, confers on regional developments and domestic situations.

Center analysts Stiopa Safarian and Hovsep Khurshudian attend and address the Internet Access and Training Program's roundtable discussion on World Press Day.

Tomoko Shaw of the Japan International Cooperation Agency study team visits the Center, discusses urban planning and social surveys with Center analyst Stiopa Safarian.

Center chief administrator Karapet Kalenchian and analysts Stiopa Safarian and Hovsep Khurshudian attend roundtable discussion at ACNIS headquarters with the participation of special guest Johan Galtung, director of Transcend, a peace and development network for conflict transformation by peaceful means.


Raffi Hovannisian attends inauguration of the Children of Armenia Fund, confers with founder Dr. Garo Armen.


Hovannisian attends 2004 Diaspora Roundtable, meets with US Ambassador John Ordway and prominent diasporan philanthropists.

Hovannisian attends memorial ceremony for former Soviet Armenian foreign minister John Kirakosian.


Raffi K. Hovannisian and analyst Hovsep Khurshudian address National Citizens' Initiative policy seminar on “Political Confrontation in Armenia: Causes, Effects, and Solution.”


Center analyst Stiopa Safarian's comments on events in Ajaria, entitled “Welcomed Change: Upheaval in Ajaria May Ease Trade Concerns in Armenia,” are published in ArmeniaNow.

Guy Archer, editor of Capital Perspective magazine, visits the Center, confers with analyst Stiopa Safarian on regional issues.


Center chief administrator Karapet Kalenchian represents ACNIS at Victory Day commemorations.

11   Stiopa Safarian gives interview to Aravot television on trilateral meeting of the foreign ministers of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey to be held in Istanbul at the upcoming NATO summit.

Raffi Hovannisian confers with Russian Ambassador Anatoliy Driukov.


Within the framework of the project on “Coordination among National Minorities and Information Exchanges on Minority Rights in Armenia,” ACNIS convenes a specialized policy seminar on “The Key Provisions of the Draft Law on National Minorities: Old End or New Beginning?” Held with the support of the Council of Europe Confidence-Building Measures (CBM) Program, the meeting is covered by Armenia, TV5, AR, HayTV and Aravot television, by Armenian public radio and RadioLiberty, by the Noyan Tapan, Armenpress, and A1+ news agencies.

Stiopa Safarian gives interview to Aravot television on the draft Law on National Minorities.


The Center's seminar on “The Key Provisions of the Draft Law on National Minorities: Old End or New Beginning?” is covered by Hayastani Hanrapetutiun, Aravot, Azg dailies and Yerkir weekly and by the Armenian news network Groong.


Center analyst Hovsep Khurshudian's interview on Armenian political developments is broadcast by H2 television's weekly analytical program.


Iravunk weekly publishes Raffi Hovannisian's responses to telephone callers' “direct-line” questions, headlined as “We Have Not Witnessed a Normal Transfer of Authority in the Years of Armenia's Independence.”

Hovannisian receives Italian Ambassador Marco Clemente.

Hovsep Khurshudian addresses National Press Club discussion on Armenia's domestic state of affairs.


Stiopa Safarian addresses a discussion on “The Implementation of Armenia's Obligations to the Council of Europe” organized by the Yerevan debate club.


Raffi K. Hovannisian's interview on the Karabagh conflict and its resolution is broadcast by Shant television.

Center research associate Artsvi Bakhchinian delivers an illustrated lecture on “Armenia-Sweden: Old and New Relations” in Los Angeles, California.


Center staff attend the opening of the Orran Children's Center, congratulate founders Armine and Raffi K. Hovannisian.


Center editor Hrachuhi Palanduzian attends a meeting on the Armenian Genocide and historical memory, confers with Professor Verjine Svazlian on oral histories of Genocide survivors.


ACNIS convenes a public roundtable to issue the results of its first two expert opinion surveys, entitled “My View of Armenia's Future” and “Armenia's Foreign Policy, Orientation, and Attitude toward Power Centers of the World” and covered by Shant, AR and Aravot televisions, Radio Liberty and Armenian public radio, Noyan Tapan, Armenpress, A1+, RFE/RL and Rosbalt news agencies, and the Armenian news network Groong.

Raffi K. Hovannisian gives interview to AR, Shant, and Aravot televisions.

Hovannisian meets with Major General Tod Bunting, Adjutant General of Kansas.


ACNIS roundtable is covered by Aravot, Haikakan Zhamanak, Azg and Hayots Ashkharh dailies and by Iravunk, Yerkir and Noyan Tapan Highlights weeklies.

Stiopa Safarian gives live interview on the ACNIS public opinion polls to Aravot television's “Epikentron” program.

Raffi Hovannisian visits memorial to Aram Manukian, founder of the first Republic of Armenia.

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