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The Center’s most important events and activities, including meetings, visits, conferences, roundtables and seminars, receptions, interviews and media comments


ACNIS convenes a working seminar on “The Government’s Tax and Fiscal Policy,” attended by 60 specialists and covered by Shant television and Armenian public radio, Radio Liberty, and the Noyan Tapan, Arminfo, A1+ and Arka news agencies.

ACNIS founder Raffi K. Hovannisian’s interview to Yerkir weekly, headlined “Presidential Candidate by the People,” is printed.


ACNIS tax and fiscal policy seminar is covered by Hayastani Hanrapetutiun, Or, Orran and Hayots Ashkharh dailies.

Center analyst Artsvi Bakhchinian’s paper on “Swedish-Armenian Relations and Smyrna” is delivered at UCLA International Conference on “The Armenian Community of Smyrna/Izmir.”


ACNIS seminar is covered by Noyan Tapan Highlights weekly.

Masis and Avangard weeklies highlight ACNIS seminar on foreign economic relations and regional cooperation.


Center analyst Marat Atovmian delivers a paper on “The Activities of the European Court of Human Rights” at the Criminal-Executive Department of the Ministry of Justice.

Center analyst Hovsep Khurshudian gives interview to Armenian public radio on the Russian-Armenian community’s economic relations with Armenia.


Center research director Tatoul Manasserian attends and addresses session of the Emergency Management Administration.

Center analyst Sergei Shakariants comments for Orran daily on parliamentary elections in Turkey and possible developments in Armenian-Turkish relations.


Manasserian receives Joel Boutroue, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative, and Lance Clark, UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Georgia, discusses current situation in Javakheti.


Research director Tatoul Manasserian and analyst Sergei Shakariants attend NGO Expo 2002 conference on “Economic Security Issues in Armenia” organized by USAID; Manasserian addresses panel on “Economic Security Issues within the Context of Regional Conflict Resolution.”


Center analyst Hovsep Khurshudian attends and addresses in Sofia, Bulgaria an OSCE Economic Forum on “National and International Economic Impact of Trafficking in Small Arms and Light Weapons.”


Center research director Tatoul Manasserian and Marat Atovmian meet with Japanese Armenologist Takayuki Hoshimoura and Michael Baghdasarian, chairman of the Japanese Cultural Center.

Marat Atovmian attends discussion on the draft concept of “Armenian NGO Legislation Strategy Development” organized by Academy of Educational Development.


Center analyst Marat Atovmian attends at the Ministry of Social Security a seminar on “The Development of Armenian Labor Legislation in Light of International Labor Norms” organized by the International Labor Organization.


Manasserian gives interview to Reuters news agency on the current economic situation in Armenia and the preconditions for development.

Center analyst Sergei Shakariants gives interview to Mir television and radio on publication of the book “Variants of Settling the Karabagh Conflict: Concept and Reality.”

Center legal adviser Knarik Ohanian and analyst Marat Atovmian deliver lectures at the Institute of Law of the Ministry of Justice on labor disputes, labor inspectorates, and international labor legal norms.


The National Academy of Sciences of Armenia and ACNIS jointly convene a working seminar on “The Key Issues of Intellectual Property Management in Armenia,” attended by 80 specialists and covered by Kentron television and Armenian public radio, the Noyan Tapan, Arminfo, Armenpress news agencies, and Azg and Orran dailies.

Manasserian attends British Embassy reception, confers with chargé d’affaires Roy Wilson and Russian diplomat Sergei Kapinos.


Center analyst Stiopa Safarian attends and addresses a regional conference on “Armenian Statehood in the 21st Century: Key Issues and Priorities for Development.”


Manasserian participates in Shant television’s “Perspective” analytical program together with Finance Minister Vardan Khachatrian.


Center analyst Marat Atovmian attends in Poland an “NGO Law Workshop and Training Program” organized by the Polish-American Advisory Agency.


Raffi K. Hovannisian attends Italian Embassy reception, confers with Ambassador Paolo Andrea Trabalza.

Sergei Shakariants gives interview to Ardzagank radio on current events in Armenia and the war against international terrorism.


Iranian Ambassador Mohammad Farhad Koleini and Iranian diplomat Mohammad Taghi Hashemi visit the Center, meet with Tatoul Manasserian and the research staff.


Center analyst Sergei Shakariants participates in an internet-conference on “The Political Challenges of the South Caucasus.”


Tatoul Manasserian gives interview to Voice of America on intellectual property management in Armenia.


Manasserian gives interview to the Czech Republic’s Transitions Online on Russian-Armenian economic relations.


Center analyst Sergey Shakariants’s comments on the CIS defense ministers’ summit in Moscow are broadcast by Mir radio.


ACNIS founder Raffi K. Hovannisian is nominated as presidential candidate by citizens’ initiative.

Center research director Tatoul Manasserian attends the 15th Congress of the Constitutional Right Union.


An article co-authored by Center analyst Artsvi Bakhchinian titled “Armenians in Cuba and Mexico” is published in Venice’s Pazmaveb journal.


Center analyst Hovsep Khurshudian’s analysis on potential presidential candidates is published in Orer, a Prague-based Armenian magazine, where Hovannisian’s high popularity is linked with issue of integrity and national activity.

Center analyst Artsvi Bakhchinian’s essay on Atom Egoyan, headlined “‘Ararat’ in Ararat’s Country” is published in Orer.


Raffi K. Hovannisian receives British Ambassador Timothy Jones.

Hovannisian receives Russian Embassy military attaché Yuri Urin.

Marceli Zygala of the Department for the Caucasus and Central Asia and Rafael Poborski of the Russian Department of the Polish Center for Eastern Studies visit the Center, confer with Tatoul Manasserian and the research staff.

Center analyst Stiopa Safarian gives interview to Shant television’s “Horizon” program on the forthcoming presidential elections in Armenia.


Tatoul Manasserian receives Carel Hofstra, second secretary of the Embassy of Netherlands, and Ghislaine J. Lambeek-Jacobs, policy officer for the Caucasus, discusses regional affairs.

Center analyst Stiopa Safarian attends Democracy and Peace Center roundtable on “The Independence of Mass Media, Freedom of Speech and Responsibility.”


Tatoul Manasserian attends seminars on the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper presented by the Armenian Government.


Manasserian attends reception on Romanian National Day, confers with chargé d’affaires Dorin Cimpoesu.

Center research director Tatoul Manasserian and analyst Vrej Jiji attend UNDP Steering Committee meeting to discuss Millennium Development Goals Draft Report, confer with Kristina Henschen, UNDP associate program officer.

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