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The Center’s most important events and activities, including meetings, visits, conferences, roundtables and seminars, receptions, interviews and media comments


Center analyst Artsvi Bakhchinian’s biographical dictionary containing short biographies of more than 2100 celebrities, titled “Figures of Armenian Origin: From Early Times to Our Days,” is published by the Tatev Scientific and Educational Center.


Center founder Raffi K. Hovannisian attends German Embassy reception to bid farewell to the Italian Ambassador, confers with German Ambassador Hans-Wulf Bartels, Italian Ambassador Paolo Andrea Trabalza, and Minister of National Security General Karlos Petrosian.

Center research director Tatoul Manasserian and analyst Stiopa Safarian attend the second special congress of the Republic Party, confer with co-chairs Aram Sargsian and Albert Bazeyan.


Raffi K. Hovannisian receives US Ambassador John Ordway.

Hovannisian attends Greek Embassy reception to say farewell to the Italian Ambassador, confers with Greek Ambassador Antonios Vlavianos, Russian Ambassador Anatoliy Driukov, and French Ambassador Henry Cuny.


Center research director Tatoul Manasserian heads a delegation of Armenian policy specialists to NATO and SHAPE headquarters in Belgium.


Center analyst Stiopa Safarian attends in Tbilisi, Georgia a regional seminar on “Developing a Successful Policy Organization.”


Center analyst Marat Atovmian addresses various aspects of labor law at the Institute of Law of the Ministry of Justice.

Center legal adviser Knarik Ohanian attends and addresses a congress of the Armenian Young Lawyers’ Association.


Analyst Marat Atovmian attends a conference on “Promoting Democracy through Equality and Rule of Law: Developing a Government and NGO Partnership to Improve the Status of Women,” organized by the American Bar Association’s Central European and Eurasian Law Initiative (ABA/CEELI).


Raffi K. Hovannisian gives press conference at the National Press Club on his participation in the forthcoming presidential elections.


Hovannisian visits earthquake zone, lays wreaths at Giumri and Spitak memorials to the victims of the 1988 disaster.

Hovannisian attends Egyptian Embassy reception, confers with Ambassador Bakri Roushdy El-Ammari.

Center analyst Sergei Shakariants participates in Mir’s “television bridge,” comments on the pre-election developments in Armenia.


Shakariants offers comments to the MacArthur Foundation on regional conflicts and cooperation prospects.


Raffi K. Hovannisian attends Human Rights Day celebration organized by the United Nations Office, confers with Joel Boutroue, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative.

Hovannisian appears on Kentron television’s “Business Card” program, speaks on 2003 presidential elections.

Hovannisian gives interview to Voice of America on Armenian presidential developments.


Center research director Tatoul Manasserian’s press conference on his visit to NATO and SHAPE is covered by Armenian television and radio.


Tatoul Manasserian attends Indian Embassy reception to bid farewell to the Italian Ambassador, confers with Indian Ambassador Deepak Vohra and Italian Ambassador Paolo Andrea Trabalza.


Center analyst Sergei Shakariants gives interview to Shoghakat television’s “The Theme of the Day” on Armenian-Turkish relations, prospects and challenges.


Tatoul Manasserian’s analysis on the draft state budget for FY 2003 is published in Orran daily.


An article by Dr. Khoren Palian, senior lecturer of Armenian History and Language at Yerevan State University entitled “Why I Believe in Raffi K. Hovannisian” is published in Aravot daily.

Urartu weekly prints an article titled “Choosing the Right Path” on Raffi Hovannisian’s presidential candidacy.

Center research director Tatoul Manasserian meets with Yannis Papanikolaou, director general of the International Center for Black Sea Studies, confers on prospects for cooperation in research and development.


RFE/RL’s Yerevan bureau and Arka News Agency report on NDP’s endorsement of Hovannisian’s candidacy.

In “A Retrospective View of the Ending Year,” Noyan Tapan Highlights finds that “Raffi K. Hoavannisian is the most rated politician of the country as of today... In our estimation he has become the front-runner in mid-December, i.e. in less than three weeks after announcing his nomination as a presidential candidate. The attempt of the ‘ruling party’ to frustrate the registration of Raffi Hovannisian’s candidacy may prove a fatal mistake in 2003.”

Center analyst Hovsep Khurshudian gives interview to Armenian public radio on diaspora investments in 2002.


Raffi Hovannisian attends Russian Embassy reception on the occasion of Christmas and the New Year, confers with Ambassador Anatoliy Driukov.


Center research director Tatoul Manasserian gives interview to Armenia television on geoplolitical developments, future trends in the world economy, and their impact on Armenia.

Center analyst Artsvi Bakhchinian’s article entitled “The Armenians and Scandinavia” is published in Patma-banasirakan Handes.


Raffi K. Hovannisian gives interview to Prometevs television on the presidential elections.

An article on Hovannisian’s candidacy entitled “The Imperative of our Alternative” is published in Aravot daily.

Center analyst Stiopa Safarian gives interview to Shoghakat television on the impact of Karabagh peace talks on Armenia and particularly on presidential elections.

Center analyst Sergei Shakariants gives interview to Mir radio on political expectations for the region in 2003.


Raffi K. Hovannisian’s policy address delivered at a town hall meeting in Yerevan is covered by all Armenian television channels, radio stations, newspapers, and news agencies.

Tatoul Manasserian gives interview to the Center for Conflict Resolution and Regional Integration on conflict resolution mechanisms.


Center founder Raffi K. Hovannisian, executive director Hrach Hakobian, director of research Tatoul Manasserian, and Center staff hold in-house conference on institutional performance in 2002.

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