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The Center's most important events and activities, including meetings, visits, conferences, roundtables and seminars, receptions, interviews and media comments


Center founder Raffi K. Hovannisian attends US Embassy reception, confers with Ambassador John Ordway.

Center analyst Sergey Shakariants's interview to the Internews radio network on the roots of terrorism and its impact on Armenia is broadcast by the Ardzagank radio station.

An article by Center analyst Artsvi Bakhchinian entitled "La Marseillaise and the Armenian Reality" is published in Beirut's Haigazian Hayagitakan Handes yearbook.


Center analyst Marat Atovmian attends a seminar on "The Democratization Process in Armenia: Women's Rights" organized by the Human Rights Strategic Research Center, confers with Isabel Romao, head of the research and training division of the Portuguese Commission for Equality and Women's Rights, Martha Franken of the Ministry of Flanders (Belgium), and Daniele Levy-Puech of the Directorate-General of Human Rights of the Council of Europe.


Center research director Tatoul Manasserian attends and addresses in England a Wilton Park Conference on "Creating Conditions for Peace: What Role for the UN and Regional Actors?"; confers with Dr. Roy Allison of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Karen Ballentine of the International Peace Academy, Craig Oliphant and Julie Ashdown of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Maria McLoughlin of the European Commission's External Relations Directorate-General, Paul van Tongeren of the European Center for Conflict Prevention, and Aiichiro Yamamoto of the Japan International Cooperation Agency's UK Office.


Center analyst Vahagn Aglian attends in Hydra, Greece the 11th annual summer seminar on "The New International Crisis: Implications for International Politics," confers with Professor Dimitri Constas, director of the Greek Institute of International Relations (IIR), James Rosenau, professor of international affairs at the George Washington University, Platias Athanassios, professor of strategic studies at IIR, Roussos Sotiris, coordinator of the Center of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Studies at IIR.


Raffi K. Hovannisian's memorial remarks dedicated to Yuriy Bakhshian, Karen Demirchian, and Vazgen Sargsian are published in Avangard weekly.


Hovannisian's opinion on Constitution Day is published in Orran daily.

Center analyst Hovsep Khurshudian's interview with renowned writer Aghasi Aivazian, headlined "We Must Not Lose the Exceptional Moment We are Granted," appears in Krtutiun biweekly.


Center analyst Stiopa Safarian gives interview to Armenian public radio on the Armenian elections code.

Hovannisian's presidential possibilities are cited by Hayots Ashkarh daily.


Tatoul Manasserian's article entitled "Key Issues of the Insurance System" is published in Armenia's Finance and Economy journal.


Stiopa Safarian gives interview to Internews radio on the electoral campaign and the Armenian elections code.


Center analyst Marat Atovmian attends and addresses a seminar on "Fundamental Norms of the Law on Police" organized by the Council of Europe and the Armenian Ministry of Justice, confers with Andres Lehmets and other Council of Europe officials.


Research director Tatoul Manasserian attends at UN headquarters a meeting with Kalman Mizsei, UNDP assistant administrator and regional director for Europe and CIS countries.


Hovannisian attends US Embassy reception to bid farewell to Deputy Chief of Mission Patricia Moller and Gilbert Sperling, confers with Richard Miles, US Ambassador to Georgia.


ACNIS convenes a working seminar on "Economic Transformation: Experiences and Prospects," which is covered by ALM, Armenia, Shant, Noyan Tapan, and Armenian public television stations, as well as by Armenian public radio and Radio Liberty.

A1+ television's report on the seminar is headlined "Data Say: 1990-1993 Plunged Armenia into Crisis."

Tatoul Manasserian's interview on the Armenian economy is broadcast by Armenian public radio.

Analyst Marat Atovmian gives interview to Internews agency on the death penalty.


Analyst Stiopa Safarian attends at Sevan a conference on "South Caucasus: Conflicts and Regional Security Issues" organized by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.


Armenian media cover the ACNIS seminar on economic transformation: Arminfo news agency reports "Armenian GDP Expected to Reach Pre-Crisis Level by 2006," "GDP Growth Does Not Entail Major Changes in Real Economic Sector: Gohar Gulumian," "Armenia Can Reach Europe's Current Level in 2046: Tigran Jrbashian"; Armenian news network Groong posts "ACNIS Hosts Roundtable on Economic Reforms and Prospects"; Aravot daily notes "We Shall Catch Up with 'Europe and America in 2046'"; Noyan Tapan reports "Armenia Will Lose One of Its Investment Advantages if Brain Drain is Not Curbed."

Research director Manasserian visits OSCE office in Yerevan, confers with Ambassador Roy Reeve.


Manasserian attends and addresses at the National Academy of Sciences a roundtable on Israel's confiscation of the Jerusalem Armenian Patriarchate's property.

Center analyst Sergey Shakariants gives interview to Voice of America on the ARF's new perceptions of socialism.


In Brussels, Tatoul Manasserian visits NATO and SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) headquarters, confers with Olivier Neola of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership and Cooperation Section, George Katsirdakis, deputy director of the Defense Partnership and Cooperation Directorate, Professor Fernando Carvalho Rodrigues, program director of the Scientific and Environmental Affairs Division, Despina Afentouli, information officer from Greece, and Ambassador Vassilis Kaskarelis of the Greek Delegation to NATO.


Raffi K. Hovannisian attends Italian Embassy briefing, confers with Ambassador Paolo Andrea Trabalza and Margherita Boniver, Italy's Deputy Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.


Sergey Shakariants gives interview to Voice of America on US funding of Azerbaijani mine-clearing efforts.


Tatoul Manasserian's interview in Orran daily is entitled "It is Joint Work that Gives Good Results."


Raffi K. Hovannisian addresses 70 visiting students at the Hamazgayin Youth Forum on "Armenia: Political Prospects and Challenges of the 21st Century."

Hovannisian's lecture is reported by A1+ as "Raffi Hovannisian: "Armenia and Turkey Must Become EU Member-States Simultaneously."

ACNIS seminar is covered in Noyan Tapan Highlights as "Deputy Minister Calls CB's Tough Policy an Obstacle to Agriculture."


Hovannisian's lecture is reported as "Holding the National Flag High" by Orran daily, "Constructive Political Forces Will Save Us" by Aravot daily, "National Cultural Forum Being Held in the Fatherland with Participation of Students from Diaspora" by Noyan Tapan, and "Pan-National Cultural Conference in Yerevan" by Azg daily.

Hovannisian's opinion on the issue of a single opposition candidate in the upcoming presidential elections is cited by Radio Liberty.

Hovannisian and Manasserian attend official reception on the National Day of the Arab Republic of Egypt, confer with Ambassador Bakry Roushdy El-Ammary.

Analyst Sergey Shakariants gives interview to Mir radio on US and Russian policy in the Transcaucasus.


Research director Tatoul Manasserian and analyst Marat Atovmian attend OSCE conference on "Combating Terrorism: Measures for Ensuring the Security of Identity Papers/Travel Documents and Preventing Their Counterfeiting, Forgery, and Fraudulent Use."


Hovannisian gives interview to Armenian public television's "The Past is Present" program.

Sergey Shakariants's article entitled "Great Turmoil in the Transcaucasus" is published in the Droshak journal.

Shakariants gives interview to Mir radio on Armenian-Russian security cooperation.


Manasserian addresses the Armenian Women Graduates' Association on "The Key Issues of Armenia's Economic Security."


Vrej Jiji attends the opening of the analytical web page entitled "Globalization and Terrorism."


Research director Tatoul Manasserian attends Chinese Embassy reception on the 75th anniversary of the National-Liberation Army of China, confers with Ambassador Tso Syuelian and Military Attaché Colonel Yui Syaoyui.


Raffi K. Hovannisian attends Greece Embassy reception, confers with Ambassador Antonios Vlavianos.

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