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The Center’s most important events and activities, including meetings, visits, conferences, roundtables and seminars, receptions, interviews and media comments

April 2009

Center director Richard Giragosian gives interview to the Noyev Kovcheg newspaper entitled, “To the New Era of Modern Leadership.”

ACNIS convenes a roundtable seminar to present and discuss a special presentation on “The Military Balance of Power in the South Caucasus.” The event is covered by Azg, Kapital and Azatamtutiun dailies, Iravunk and Delovoy Ekspress newspapers, Panorama.am, Armtown.com, Novosti Armenia, 7or.am, Arminfo, Tert.am, Hayinfo, Panarmenian.Net, Lragir.am and A1+ news agencies, HetqOnline of the Association of Investigative Journalists NGO, TV5 and Yerevantelevisions, and by Radio Liberty and Public Radio.

Richard Giragosian attends a discussion on the “Prospects for MCA-Armenia Compact Implementation in Armenia,” organized by the Partnership for Open Society Initiative (OSI).

Giragosian meets with Armine Ishkhanian, a visiting lecturer at the London School of Economics, and discusses Armenian-Turkish relations.

Giragosian is interviewed by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty on “Are Turkey And Armenia About To Normalize Relations?” The interview is reprinted by the Turkish Forum news agency.  He also gives an interview to Arminfo news agency on the establishment of Armenian-Turkish bilateral relations and the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

Richard Giragosian briefs visiting Swedish Ambassador Hans Gunnar Adén on the latest developments in Armenia and within the broader region.

Giragosian’s article on “Weathering the Storm: A commentary on Armenia and ‘Border Economics’” is published by the ArmeniaNownews agency. He also gives an interview to Delovoy Express weekly and is cited in an article published by Nouvilles d’Armenie magazine.

Center Director of Administration Karapet Kalenchian’s comments on “The South Caucasus: A Troika or A Solo?” is published by the Vesti Kavkaza news agency.

Center Senior Analyst Manvel Sargsian’s comments on “It Will be Very Difficult to Remove the Genocide Issue from the Armenian-Turkish Relations” is published by Regnum news agency.

Richard Giragosian’s analysis on “The Obama Visit to Turkey: The Broader Context” is published by the ArmeniaNow news agency.

Giragosian is also cited by the Istanbul-based Hurriyet Daily News.
6-8   Richard Giragosian provides a background briefing to a delegation of deputies from the European Parliament (EP) and also updates the EP staff on the latest developments in Armenia and the region.
7   Center Senior Analyst Hovsep Khurshudian’s comments on the domestic economic issues are covered by Kavkazskiy Uzel news agency.

Karapet Kalenchian meets with third counselor Hossein Poursaleh of the Iranian Embassy.

Giragosian gives a press briefing at the Urbat press club on the normalization of the Armenian-Turkish relations. The event is covered by 168 Zham, Zhamanak, Golos Armenii, Azatamtutiun, Kapital, Azg, Hayots Ashkharh, Pakagits and Hayastani Hanrapetutiun dailies, Iranunk, Respublika Armenia and the Noyan Tapan Highlights weeklies, Panarmenian.Net, Mediamax, 1News.Az, Day.Az, Tert.am, Hayinfo, Aisor, Armenia Today, Novosti Armenia, Arminfo news agencies, Public Radio, h2, Shant and AR television stations.

Richard Giragosian and Karapet Kalenchian attend and address an Armenian Ministry of Defense roundtable on “Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of Armed Forces Personnel in Armenia,” organized by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), and confer with OSCE Ambassador Sergey Kapinos and Minister of Defense Seyran Ohanyan.

Giragosian issues a statement on “Lessons for Armenia from Developments in Moldova,” covered by Nor Hayastan, Kapital dailies, Taregir newspaper, HetqOnline of the Association of Investigative Journalists NGO, and Panorama.am, Mediamax, Hayinfo, Lragir.am, Tert.am, Analitika news agencies, Radio Liberty,and the Common House of Caucasus online publication from Poland.

In Tsakhkadzor, Richard Giragosian and Senior Analyst Manvel Sargsian attend and speak at “The Southern Caucasus: New Realities, New Challenges” Eighth International Conference.  Giragosian presents a paper entitled, “Armenia in a Region at Risk: Facing New Challenges to Security and Stability.”

Manvel Sargsian’s analysis on “What is the Pacific Function of the Society?” is published by the Armenia Today news agency.
11   Richard Giragosian’s comments on Armenian-Turkish relations are published by The Globalist online publication.

Giragosian’s analysis of Turkish-Armenian relations are published by Armenia Today news agency.  He also participates in a televised talk show organized by Yerkir Media on Armenian-Turkish relations, which is broadcast several times.

Giragosian also meets with Gevorg Ter-Gabrielian, the Director of the Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF) and discusses several possible areas of cooperation between ACNIS and the EPF.

At the invitation of the National Democratic Institute (NDI), ACNIS Director Giragosian presents an overview of gender issues in Armenia.

Giragosian meets with Aline Ozinian, an official from the Turkish-Armenian Business Development Council (TABDC), and gives an interview to Turkey’s Zaman newspaper and is referenced by a report in the TimesOnline e-newspaper.
15   Richard Giragosian is cited in an article published by the Nouvilles d’Armenie magazine.

In Istanbul, Turkey, Richard Giragosian attends and addresses an Armenian-Turkish Bilateral Relations International Workshop on “The Role of Democracy and Freedom of Expression in Overcoming Contradictions” organized by the Naumann Foundation.

Giragosian is interviewed by the A1+ news agency while in Istanbul.

Center founder Raffi K. Hovannisian gives a press briefing on Armenia’s current domestic and external challenges, covered by Azatamtutiun, Novoye Vremia, Haik, Azg, Zhamanak, Kapital, Hraparak, 168 Zham, Pakagits, Haikakan Zhamanak, Aravot, Hayastani Hanrapetutiun, and Hayots Ashkharh  dailies, Tert.am, Novosti Armenia, Day.Az, Mediamax, HetqOnline, Arminfo, 7or.am, A1+, Panarmenian.Net, Panorama.am, Lragir.am, Regnum news agencies, h1, h2, Kentron, Yerkir Media, TV5, Shant, Armenia, AR, ALM televisions, Public Radio and Radio Liberty.

Karapet Kalenchian attends Iranian Embassy reception marking Iranian Armed Forces Day.

Richard Giragosian’s analysis on “Weathering the Storm: A Commentary on the ‘Hidden’ and ‘Heavy’ Hands of Armenian Economics” is published by the ArmeniaNow news agency.

Manvel Sargsian gives an interview to Zhamanak daily on “If the Opposition Takes Yerevan, the Authorities Have to Think About Their Future.”

Sargsian’s analysis on “What is the Azerbaijani President Searching for in Moscow?” is published by the Armenia Today news agency.
18   Sargsian’s article on “Mountainous Karabagh: A Wall or A Crack?” is published by Lragir.am news agency.
19   Raffi K. Hovannisian’s analysis on “Nothing Personal: Turkey’s Top Ten Challenges” is published by the Foreign Policy Journal.

Manvel Sargsian attends and addresses a Youth Leadership Training Course on “Civil Society: Role of a Citizen in the Civil Society Democratic/Constitutional State: Definition, Comparison.”

Sargsian’s comments on “Armenia: Will the Opposition’s Triumph in the Elections for Yerevan’s Mayor Be Distressing for the Authorities?” are published by the Armenia Today news agency.

ACNIS convenes a policy roundtable on “Armenian-Turkish Diplomacy: An Update.” The event is covered by 168 Zham and Azg dailies, 7or.am, Panorama.am, Hayinfo, Lragir.am, Tert.am and Regnum news agencies, HetqOnline of the Association of Investigative Journalists NGO, Public Radio and by Radio Liberty.  A Turkish journalist from the Zaman daily newspaper also attends the event and publishes a special report.

Manvel Sargsian is referenced by Lragir.am news agency’s article on “Will Obama Say Genocide?”

Richard Giragosian gives an interview to Radio Free Europe on the Armenian-Turkish-Swiss joint statement.

Richard Giragosian issues a statement on the Armenian-Turkish-Swiss joint declaration, covered and reprinted by Zhamanak, Haikakan Zhamanak, Pakagits and Kapital dailies, Day.Az, Hayinfo, A1+,Panarmenian.Net, Panorama, Lragir, 7or.am, tert.am, Regnum  news agencies, HetqOnline of the Association of Investigative Journalists NGO, the Noyan Tapan Highlights weekly, IWPR, and by Radio Liberty and Public Radio.

Center staff lay wreath at the Tsitsernakaberd memorial to the victims of the 1915 Genocide. Center founder Raffi Hovannisian gives interview to Zhamanak, Hayots Ashkharh and Hraparak dailies, Panorama.am, Armenpress and Arminfo news agencies, AR, h2, Kentron and Hay TV televisions.  Center Director Giragosian gives a live interview to the Armenian H1 television station.

Hovannisian is the guest of “Gala News Havelvats” program on Gala television.

Raffi Hovannisian gives an interview to Turkish NTV television on Armenian-Turkish relations and the Armenian Genocide.

Richard Giragosian’s article on “Defining a Future As Neighbors” is published by PostGlobal, an online publication of the Washington Post and Newsweek.

An interview with Giragosian is published  by the Público daily of Portugal.

Giragosian is referenced by the EurasiaNet, GlobalSecurity.org, and the SVD news agency in Sweden.

Manvel Sargsian comments on the joint declaration among Armenia, Turkey and Switzerland, and the so-called “Road Map,” covered by Hraparak daily.

Giragosian is referenced in an article by the Caucasian Knot news agency.
26   Richard Giragosian is referenced in an article in the Público daily newspaper of Portugal.

Raffi Hovannisian speaks on current domestic challenges, covered by h2, Armenia, h1, Yerkir Media and Kentron televisions.

Sargsian’s article on “Armenian-Turkish Relations: A View from the Inside and the Outside” is published bythe Lragir.am news agency.

ACNIS Director of Administration Karapet Kalenchian, Director Richard Giragosian, Center Analyst Armine Ghazarian, and Research Coordinator Syuzanna Barseghian attend, and Giragosian addresses, the Caucasus Institute’s two-day Caucasus 2008 International Conference on “The US and Caucasus in 2008,”  covered by Novosti Armenia, Panarmenian.Net,  Hayinfo news agency.

Giragosian is referenced in a story by the EurasiaNet news agency.

Giragosian’s comments on Armenian-Turkish relations are covered by the New York Times daily.

Richard Giragosian is referenced by the “ISTANBUL CALLING” news agency/online magazine.

Center Director Richard Giragosian is cited in a story published by the TURKISHNY.com news agency/online magazine.

Giragosian meets with Silvia Zehe, the Special representative of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe and briefs her on recent political and economic developments in Armenia.

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