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The Center’s most important events and activities, including meetings, visits, conferences, roundtables and seminars, receptions, interviews and media comments

December 2011
1   ACNIS founder Raffi K. Hovannisian is the guest of “P.S.” program on A1+ online television.

Center hosts a special reception to release the Center’s new annual yearbook publication, entitled “South Caucasus After 2008,” attended by over 100 guests, including members of the Armenian parliament and government officials, representatives from international organizations and members of the diplomatic community in Armenia, covered by Kentron television, Zham.am, News.am, Lragir.am, Mardik.am, Ankakh.com, A1+, Novosti Armenia, Regnum and Noyan Tapan news agencies.

ACNIS holds a regular session of its seminar-course program entitled “Legal Bases of the Karabagh Issue”, with a presentation by Andrias Ghukasian, international law expert.

Raffi Hovannisian attends Romanian Embassy reception on the occasion of the National Day of Romania, confers with the Ambassador Crina Prunariu.

4   Center director Manvel Sargsian gives an interview to Regnum news agency on international policy in the region.
5   ACNIS analyst Edgar Vardanian’s comments on recent personnel changes in the Armenian government are covered by Golos Rossii radio.
6-8   In Marseille, France, Center founder Raffi K. Hovannisian participates in international conference organized by the Center for European Studies, confers with CES chairman and former Belgian prime minister Wilfried Martens, European Parliament president Jerzy Buzek, and several European heads of state and parliamentarians.

Manvel Sargsian’s address during the roundtable discussion on “Armenia’s draft law on lustration focusing on preventive measures for crimes against fundamentals of the constitutional order and state security”, organized by the National Citizens’ Initiative, is covered by ArmeniaNow.com, Ankakh.com, 7or.am, News.am, Lragir.am, A1+ and Armenia Today news agencies. 

ACNIS senior analyst Hovsep Khurshudian’s comments on Armenian-Georgian economic cooperation are covered by Kavkazskiy Uzel news agency.
9 Center holds the last session of the youth school program, entitled “Diaspora, Statehood and National Identity,” with a presentation by researcher Armen Grigoryan, and hands certifications to the graduating participants.

Raffi Hovannisian holds a press conference on domestic and international policy challenges, covered by H1, H2, TV12, Armenia, Kentron, Yerkir Media and Ar televisions, Public Radio and Radio Liberty, Orakarg, Chorrord Ishkhanutyun, Yerkir, Golos Armenii, Aravot, 168 Zham, Zhoghovurd, Hayatsq, Iravunq, Zhamanak, Hayots Ashkharh, Haykakan Zhamanak and Novoe Vremya dailies, Araks weekly, ArmeniaNow.com, NeoNews.am, Epress.am, Emedia.am, Report.am, Henaran.am, Asekose.am, Gazeta.am, Aysor.am, Mamul.am, Slaq.am, Panarmenian.net, Panorama.am, Haynews.am, Mardik.am, Lragir.am, 1in.am, News.am, Mediamax.am, Arminfo.am, Tert.am, Yerkir.am, Lurer.com, 7or.am, Armenia Today, Novosti Armenia, Regnum,  A1+, Armenpress and Verjin Lurer news agencies.

Hovannisian meets and confers with the British Ambassador Charles Lonsdale.
13   ACNIS director of administration Karapet Kalenchian takes part in a roundtable discussion, entitled “Prospects of the Development of the Armenian-Georgian Relations,” organized by Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University.
13-14   Center analyst Edgar Vardanian gives an interview to Zhamanak daily and 1in.am news agency on “The Ruling Political Forces Do Not Come Out Against One Another For Nothing.”

Edgar Vardanian’s article entitled “December Revival of Russian Society” is covered by Hraparak daily, Lragir.am and Hetq.am news agencies.

Vardanian’s comments on Karabagh issue are covered by Regnum news agency.
15   ACNIS director Manvel Sargsian is the guest of "Errord Hazaramyak" program on Shoghakat television.

Karapet Kalenchian attends British Embassy farewell reception and concert of British music in honor of Ambassador Charles Lonsdale.

Manvel Sargsian’s comments on domestic political issues are covered by 1in.am news agency.

Edgar Vardanian is the guest of “Hayeli” talk show on Vem radio.
20   Vardanian’s year-end political comments are covered by 168 Zham daily.
21   Center senior analyst Hovsep Khurshudian gives year-end political comments to Kavkazskiy Uzel news agency.

ACNIS director Manvel Sargsian addresses a roundtable discussion, entitled “Alternative to Elections” organized by Sardarapat movement, covered by Aravot daily and A1+ news agency.

Manvel Sargsian’s comments on Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) decision are covered by Radio Liberty.

Sargsian gives an interview to 168 Zham daily on Armenia’s domestic political issues and international challenges.


In Fresno, Center founder Raffi Hovannisian delivers public lecture on "The Armenian Dream" at California State University, speaks about ACNIS at special reception, and gives interviews to Fresno television and radio stations.

Manvel Sargsian’s comments on passing of the Armenian Genocide bill by the National Assembly of France are covered by Zhamanak daily.

ACNIS analyst Saro Saroyan’s comments on Armenia’s foreign policy are covered by 1in.am news agency.

Center analyst Armine Ghazarian’s comments on “Why Do People Lie” are covered by 1in.am news agency.
26   ACNIS senior analyst Hovsep Khurshudian gives an interview to AR television on the economic issues.

Armine Ghazarian’s article entitled “Non Existing Grounds for the Dignified Present” is covered by Haynews.am, Hetq.am and Lurer.com news agencies.

Center analyst Edgar Vardanian’s comments on the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev’s statement on Karabagh issue are covered by 1in.am news agency.
29   ACNIS director Manvel Sargsian’s address during a roundtable discussion, entitled “Alternative to Elections,” organized by Sardarapat movement, is covered by Lragir.am news agency.

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