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The Center’s most important events and activities, including meetings, visits, conferences, roundtables and seminars, receptions, interviews and media comments

December 2010
1   ACNIS Senior Analyst Manvel Sargsian’s commentary on domestic politics in Azerbaijan is published by the News.am news agency.

Sargsian gives an interview to the A1+ news agency on recent developments in Armenian politics.


ACNIS Director Richard Giragosian participates in a regional forum entitled, “Turkey, Armenia & Azerbaijan: Looking to the Future,” organized by the European Policy Center in Brussels.  He also provides a closed briefing on regional developments for the staff of the European Parliament, focusing on recent developments in economic and political reform, as well as assessing the military balance of power in the South Caucasus.  He also meets with the staff of the Brussels-based “European Friends of Armenia” (EuFoA), a non-governmental, non-profit organization that seeks to build bridges between Armenian and European decision makers in the fields of politics, business and culture, and support Armenia’s further integration into European political, economic, and social structures.


Richard Giragosian meets with visiting Estonian Ambassador to Armenia, Toomas Lukk, and briefs him on the latest economic, political and security developments in the region.

Manvel Sargsian’s commentary on the Armenian parliament and the need to discuss Karabagh independence is published by the Hurriyet news agency.

Giragosian’s commentary on the deployment of Armenian peacekeepers to Afghanistan is published by the Radio Liberty.

Richard Giragosian comments on the WikiLeaks scandal in American diplomacy is published by the Henaran news agency.

ACNIS Founder Raffi K. Hovannisian attends Finland’s Independence Day reception and meets with Ambassador Mr. Petri Salo.

Hovannisian receives the visiting Estonian Ambassador to Armenia, Toomas Lukk.

ACNIS staff participates in a two-day national expert workshop on cyber security organized by the OSCE Office in Yerevan and the OSCE Action against Terrorism Unit (ATU).  ACNIS Director Richard Giragosian is one of only two Armenian experts to give a formal presentation on cyber security in Armenia at the event.  The Yerevan workshop addresses cyber security in a comprehensive manner by focusing on the terrorist use of the Internet, cyber crime and other threats, including those to critical infrastructures. 

Richard Giragosian gives an interview to the Capital daily newspaper on Azerbaijan and the Minsk Group.

ACNIS hosts a roundtable discussion assessing a new report on the Nagorno Karabagh peace process and analyzes the recent OSCE Astana summit.  The roundtable, hosted jointly between ACNIS and the London Information Network on Conflict and State Building (LINKS), is attended by nearly fifty participants and is widely covered by Armenian media outlets, including the Slaq.am and Times.am news agencies.

Giragosian’s commentary on Armenia as a regional leader in cyber security is published by the PanArmenian.net news agency.
10   Manvel Sargsian’s commentary on the lack of progress in negotiations over Nagorno-Karabakh is published by the News.am news agency.
13   ACNIS hosts a special reception to mark the publication of a new book, “The Key Issues of Building a Constitutional State in Armenia.”  The 208-page, Armenian-language book is edited by ACNIS Senior Analyst Manvel Sargsian and is composed of a set of commentaries and analyses prepared by a group of five contributing analysts. The reception is attended by nearly fifty guests, including prominent Armenian political scientists, experts, analysts, civil society representatives, social and political figures, as well as journalists.

ACNIS holds a special briefing on “WikiLeaks” with an analysis of the implications of the release of thousands of formerly confidential and secret U.S. State Department cables and documents.  ACNIS Director Richard Giragosian provides a brief overview of “WikiLeaks,” including an assessment of how and why so many confidential and secret documents were publicly disclosed.  He then assesses the implications for U.S. foreign policy in the region, with a specific focus on U.S. diplomacy toward Armenia, Nagorno Karabagh, Azerbaijan, and provides an analysis of U.S. policy toward Russia, Turkey and Iran in the wake of the massive disclosure.

Giragosian’s comments on the “WikiLeaks” are covered by the Zhamanak daily newspaper, the Regnum, Armenpress and NovostiArmenia news agencies, Armenian Public Radio, the Lragir and the A1+ news agencies.
15   Giragosian participates in a workshop entitled “Towards a national Innovation Strategy for Armenia,” organized by the Armenian Ministry of Economy and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

Richard Giragosian meets with Andras Racz, a visiting analyst from the Hungarian National Defense University in Budapest and provides an overview of recent developments in regional military security.

ACNIS Administrative Director Karapet Kalenchian’s article on “Silence of the Lambs,” or life with placing hope on others” is covered by the ArmeniaToday news agency.
17-20   In Budapest, Richard Giragosian attends and speaks at a conference on the Eastern Partnership, and meets with European Union representatives and officials from the Hungarian Foreign Ministry.
19   ACNIS Senior Analyst Manvel Sargsian is a guest of the “Caucasus Crossroad” program on Radio Liberty.

ACNIS Director Richard Giragosian provides a briefing to a visiting delegation from the European Parliament.

Sargsian’s article on the Minsk process is published by the Armtoday news agency.
21   Manvel Sargsian is a guest of the “P.S.” program on A1+ news agency.
23   Giragosian travels to the Armenian village of Surenavan in the Ararat region and gives a lecture for the students of the local school.

Sargsian’s comments summarizing developments in 2010 are published by the Zhamanak daily newspaper.

Manvel Sargsian is a guest of Yerkir Media TV and provides an overview of the past year.

ACNIS Senior Analyst Manvel Sargsian gives an interview to the Arminfo news agency on recent domestic political developments.

ACNIS Director Richard Giragosian meets with Artur Ghazinyan, the director of the Center for European Studies at Yerevan Sate University (YSU), and discusses the details of a new agreement on institutional cooperation between the Center and YSU.  ACNIS staff will provide a regular series of lectures and share ACNIS analytical reports with the Center for European Studies.

Giragosian also gives a lecture on US foreign policy and US-Armenian relations at Brusov University, as part of a series of lectures sponsored by the US Embassy in Armenia.

Giragosian gives two presentations, the first dealing with research and analysis and a separate presentation on writing skills, to a group of forty university and graduate students and young professionals.

ACNIS Director Giragosian concludes the Fall 2010 semester of the ACNIS Expert School, a structured, certificate-based weekly series of courses for students, youth and young professionals that was launched in September 2010.  The semester closes with a ceremony to present each of the 47 graduates with a personalized certificate of accomplishment.  The ACNIS Exert School will resume with a new Winter 2011 semester of lectures, trainings and coursework in late January.

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