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The Center’s most important events and activities, including meetings, visits, conferences, roundtables and seminars, receptions, interviews and media comments

May 2010
1   ACNIS Senior Analyst Manvel Sargsian’s article entitled “The current methods for normalizing the conflicts are threatening to demolish international law” is published by the Armtoday.info news agency.
2   Sargsian’s comments on Armenian politics are cited by the Turkish Hurriyet dailynewspaper.
4   ACNIS Director Richard Giragosian gives a lecture on current developments to the “Democracy School.” ACNIS Senior Analyst Hovsep Khurshudian also attends the lecture, along with several experts, journalists and representatives from civil society.
10   ACNIS Senior Analyst Manvel Sargsian’s comments on “Russia will try to survive from Turkey, at best, and without giving anything in return” are covered by the Armenia Today news agency.
11   Giragosian meets with three staff members of the EU Advisory Group in Armenia: the EU Advisor for Human Rights, Daria Zukauskiene, and two communications and public information staff for the Advisory Group, Frank Schneider and Karina Kostrzewa.

In Stepanakert, Manvel Sargsyan attends a roundtable and delivers a report entitled “The Karabagh normalization: legal and political aspects.”

Richard Giragosian meets with the visiting president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, along with other representatives from Armenian civil society.

Manvel Sargsian’s comments on “No one has the right to demand concessions from the Mountainous Karabagh Republic” are covered by the Lragir.am news agency.

Giragosian meets with Ombudsman Armen Harutiunian, Armenia’s Human Rights Defender, to further discuss possible ways to assist in monitoring the human rights situation in the country.

Richard Giragosian gives an interview to the Panorama news agency and the Zhamanak daily newspaper on “Armenia has important relations with, and not inside or under, Russia.”

ACNIS holds a special workshop on research and writing skills that is attended by over 30 students from the Brusov and Yerevan State Universities, as well as youth activists and other civic groups.
15   Center staff participates in Brusov University “job fair” and mans a display table and distributes samples of some of the Center’s most prominent reports and publications.
18   ACNIS Senior Analyst Hovsep Khurshudian is interviewed by the Russian-language “Kovkazskiy Uzel” electronic news agency.

Manvel Sargsian’s comments on “Only a weak Russia needs Armenia” are covered by the Lragir.am news agency.

Sargsian gives an interview to the Zhamanak daily newspaper entitled “For Moscow, the problem in the Mountainous Karabagh issue is not the territories, but the location of the troops.”

ACNIS Director Richard Giragosian’s commentary on “Azerbaijani-Turkish bluff on the background of geopolitical exacerbation” is covered by the Respublika Armenia daily newspaper.

The Center hosts a group of visiting senior officials from the London headquarters of the non-governmental organization OXFAM International. Richard Giragosian provides a briefing on latest economic and political developments in Armenia and the broader region.
20   Giragosian meets with Professor David Lewis from Bradford University (UK) to help him with his assessment of conflict resolution efforts and to study the role of civil society regarding the Karabagh conflict.
21   Manvel Sargsian’s article entitled “Mountainous Karabagh: Is the Russian politics changing?” is published by the Armtoday.info news agency.
21-22   ACNIS Director Richard Giragosian participates in a two-day conference in Yerevan sponsored by the Caucasus Institute. The conference, entitled “Main Trends in the Caucasus: 2009,” is attended by leading experts from Georgia, Russia, and Turkey. Giragosian presents a report on political and economic developments in Armenia in 2009.

Richard Giragosian’s commentary on “The unresolved problems are a serious obstacle for the region” is covered by the Hayastani Hanrapetutiun daily newspaper.

Giragosian’s comments on “Armenia has achieved two important strategic victories” are published by the Capital daily newspaper.

Giragosian’s commentary on “Who is more dangerous for Serzh Sargsyan?” is covered by the Aravot daily newspaper.

ACNIS Director Richard Giragosian’s article entitled “Experts evaluate the year 2009 in Georgia and Armenia” is published by the Noyan Tapan weekly newspaper.

The Center holds a two-part special workshop for students and youth activists. The first part focuses on the use of “political technology” in Armenian political campaigns, including the crafting of political messages, slogans and imagery. The second part consists of a presentation on leveraging social networking technology for civic and political activism.

ACNIS Administrative Director Karapet Kalenchian and Senior Analyst Manvel Sargsian represent the Center at a seminar in Yerevan entitled “The Situation in the Caucasus and Perspective of Regional Security.” Sargsian presents a formal report on Mountainous Karabagh at the event, which is organized by the Moscow-based “Institute of CIS Countries.”   

The Center publishes two new Russian-language articles. The first is written by ACNIS Senior Analyst Manvel Sargsian and entitled “International law can not be a political mechanism for settling accounts.” The second analysis entitled “The leading powers’ geopolitical role in the building of the new world,” is authored by ACNIS Administrative Director Karapet Kalenchian.

Center organizes a special presentation assessing recent developments in several key countries, with a focus on the implications for Armenia. ACNIS Director Richard Giragosian presents an analysis addressing the recent political unrest in Thailand, the economic crisis in Greece, lingering instability in Kyrgyzstan, and the continuing political crisis in Iran. The presentation is covered by the Capital and Chorrord Ishkhanutyun daily newspapers.

Giragosian’s commentary on “Serzh Sargsyan’s rival” is covered by the Lragir.am news agency.

Richard Giragosian gives an interview to the Capital daily newspaper on “The EU is trying to become more active than the OSCE Minsk Group.”

ACNIS is cited in an article entitled “Turkey Takes an Ambitious New Path,” which is published by both the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune daily newspapers.

ACNIS Senior Analyst Manvel Sargsian’s article on “The Karabagh issue: Everyone began to talk about the priority of international law” is covered by the Armtoday.info news agency.

Sargsian gives an interview to the Aravot daily newspaper entitled “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is incapable, but the Armenian president is still holding on.”

Manvel Sargsian’s commentary on “The ‘parade’ of positions” is covered by the Lragir.am news agency.        

ACNIS Director Richard Giragosian provides a closed briefing on current developments in Armenia and the broader region to representatives of the diplomatic community and international organizations in Armenia. As the fourth in a new series of monthly briefings, ACNIS provides international organizations and the diplomatic community in Armenia with an independent source of analysis and information on political, economic and security-related issues in Armenia, but with an added analysis of regional issues and trends.

ACNIS Analyst Armine Ghazaryan’s article entitled “Our heroes: Use of the ‘hero’ image in political technologies” is covered by the 7or.am news agency.


In preparation for a meeting between youth activists from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Karabagh organized by the Council of Europe, the Center holds a special preparatory briefing for the participants from Armenia and Karabagh. ACNIS Director Richard Giragosian briefs the participants on key issues related to the Karabagh conflict and provides practical training on debating and presentation skills.

Richard Giragosian meets with Karina Kostrzewa, the communications and public information officer from the European Union (EU) Advisory Group in Armenia.

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