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The Center’s most important events and activities, including meetings, visits, conferences, roundtables and seminars, receptions, interviews and media comments

February 2010
1   ACNIS Director Richard Giragosian gives an interview on the latest developments in Armenian-Turkish diplomacy to Germany’s Deutsche Welle broadcasting corporation.
2   ACNIS launches the publication of a new series of regular monthly newsletters, providing a brief summary overview of the Center’s work, activities and project news for each month.

Richard Giragosian meets with Indian Ambassador to Armenia Achal Kumar Malhotra and provides him with a general overview of political and economic developments in Armenia and the wider South Caucasus region.

ACNIS Director Giragosian speaks at a press conference at the “Hayatsk” press club and provides a critical assessment of the current state of Turkish-Armenian diplomacy, arguing that in light of Turkey’s “latest display of political posturing and dubious attempt to pressure Armenia, the state of Armenian-Turkish diplomacy is no laughing matter.”  (For the full statement, go to the ACNIS website at: www.acnis.am).

Giragosian appears on the “Erkri hartse” program on Yerkir TV and comments on Armenian foreign policy.
5   ACNIS Senior Analyst Hovsep Khurshudian attends a seminar organized by Yerevan State University’s Center for Civilization and Cultural Studies analyzing the concept of a “dialogue of civilizations.”
6   Richard Giragosian is interviewed by Servet Yanatma, the diplomatic correspondent for the Turkish daily newspaper “Zaman,” and ACNIS Senior Analyst Manvel Sargsian’s article on Turkey is published by the Armoday.info news agency.
6-9   In Aghveran, Khurshudian attends conference on Armenian-Georgian relations, organized by the Eurasia Partnership Foundation.
9 ACNIS Founder Raffi K. Hovannisian attends an event commemorating the life and work of famous Armenian author and poet Vahan Terian on the 125th anniversary of his birth.

ACNIS Staff, interns and volunteers meet with a delegation of visiting experts from the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV), a leading Ankara-based Turkish think tank. TEPAV Director Prof. Dr. Güven Sak and TEPAV staff Prof. Erol Taymaz, Dr Burcu Gültekin Punsmann and Mezenef Hatam briefed ACNIS on their plans for a project on cross-border economic development, including the restoration of the historic Armenian city of Ani. In turn, ACNIS staff, interns and volunteers present their views on the Armenian-Turkish “protocols.”

ACNIS Administrative Director Karapet Kalenchian attends an Iranian Embassy reception marking the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.
11   ACNIS Senior Analyst Manvel Sargsian provides detailed commentary on recent developments in Armenian-Turkish diplomacy for several Armenian news agencies and the Zhamanak newspaper.
12   ACNIS convenes a special workshop for staff and interns focusing on the use of “political technology” in Armenia. ACNIS Analyst Armine Ghazarian and Public Affairs Specialists Lilit Saroukhanian and Ashkhen Musheghian each present their analysis of different aspects of political technology in Armenian politics and ACNIS Director Giragosian assesses the use and misuse of images in political campaigns and advertising in Armenia.
15-18   In cooperation with the Yerevan School of Political Studies (YPS), a Council of Europe-funded institution, ACNIS was selected to work with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation on a project to develop a new curriculum for the qualification of teachers on civic education in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. ACNIS traveled to Tbilisi to participate in the initial start-up meeting for the project, which is a component of a larger three-year Council of Europe program, entitled “Democracy Starts with You! – Improving Political Participation of Young People from Minority and Rural Areas in the South Caucasus Region.”
16-18   Senior Analyst Sargsian’s commentary on issues in Armenian foreign policy is published by the News.am and Armtoday.info news agencies and in the Hraparak daily newspaper. Sargsian is also the guest of the “Third Millennium” news and discussion program on the Shoghakat TV station.
19   ACNIS hosts a special reception to release the Center’s new annual yearbook publication, entitled “ACNIS at 15: The Power of New Ideas.” The reception is attended by over 100 guests, including members of the Armenian parliament and government officials, representatives from international organizations and members of the diplomatic community in Armenia.
24   The “DeFacto” Press Club hosts a press conference for ACNIS devoted to the release of the Center’s new annual yearbook, “ACNIS at 15: The Power of New Ideas.” ACNIS Director Richard Giragosian, Senior Analyst Manvel Sargsian and Analyst Armine Ghazarian present an overview of the new yearbook and note that the publication is only the latest example of the Center’s innovative analysis. The ACNIS Staff also stresses that after fifteen years of consistent analysis and research, the Center remains committed to its mission of raising public awareness and elevating the national debate of critical strategic challenges facing Armenia.

Giragosian gives an interview in Yerevan to Turkey’s TRT television on Armenian-Turkish relations.

ACNIS provides a closed briefing on current developments in Armenia to representatives of the diplomatic community and international organizations in Armenia. Participants in the informal briefing include British Ambassador Charles Lonsdale, Estonian Ambassador Toomas Lukk, Georgian Ambassador Gregory Tabatadze, Sylvia Zehe, the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative to Armenia Dirk Boberg, and representatives from the American, British, Egyptian and Italian embassies, as well as the OSCE Office in Yerevan and the EU Advisory Group to Armenia.
  ACNIS Founder Raffi K. Hovannisian attends the Policy Forum Armenia conference in Washington which focuses on the diaspora’s engagement with Armenia, including issues related to democracy and development. Hovannisian serves as the keynote speaker for the event, which is attended by leading organizations and prominent figures from the diaspora, as well as many US officials and experts.

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