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The Center’s most important events and activities, including meetings, visits, conferences, roundtables and seminars, receptions, interviews and media comments

March 2010
1-2   ACNIS Founder Raffi K. Hovannisian served as the keynote speaker for the second annual “Policy Forum Armenia” seminar on Armenia-Diaspora relations held in Washington, DC from February 28-March 2, 2010.

ACNIS Senior Analyst Manvel Sargisian’s article entitled “Two years later: are the victims of 1 March 2008 in vain?” is published by the Armtoday.info news agency.

Sargsian’s article on “The West feels its mistake” is published by the Lragir.am news agency.
2-6   ACNIS Director Richard Giragosian provides a briefing on regional developments at the invitation of the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO).  He also participates in a seminar on Armenian-Turkish diplomacy on March 3 at Chatham House, home of London’s Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), a prominent institute known for “the debate and analysis of international issues.”
3   Manvel Sargsian gives an interview to the Hraparak daily newspaper.

Sargsian’s interview on “Nagorno Karabagh became an arena for the normalization of the international political configuration” is published by the Newsarmenia.ru news agency.

Manvel Sargsian’s analysis on “The post-Soviet spiritual discomfort” is covered by the Analyciton journal.
5   Sargsian gives comments entitled “The lobbying has no connection with the adoption of the Armenian Genocide resolution” to the Armtoday.info news agency.

Manvel Sargsian analyses the recent developments on the Karabagh issue to the Radio Liberty

Sargsian’s article entitled “Resolution N252: what are the prospects of the Turkish blackmail?” is published by the Armtoday.info news agency.
10   The prominent Novosti-Armenia News Agency published two interviews with ACNIS staff. The first interview was with ACNIS Senior Analyst Manvel Sargsyan and the second with Director Richard Giragosian.

ACNIS Director Richard Giragosian’s interview entitled “A secret Sargsian-Gul meeting is expected” is published by the Panorama news agency and the Zhamanak daily newspaper.

Giragosian’s comments entitled “Armenia can become a platform for the East-West cooperation” are covered by the NovostiArmenia news agency.
11-13   ACNIS was invited by the Armenian National Assembly to participate in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s 73rd Rose-Roth Seminar, held in Yerevan.

ACNIS Senior Analyst Manvel Sargsian’s interview on “Armenia is lessening its role” is covered by the Capital daily newspaper.

ACNIS Analyst Armine Ghazaryan’s article entitled “Gender peculiarities in the political election campaign: the peculiarities of the capacity of female candidates” is covered by the 7 or and Report.am newsagencies.
13   Ghazarian’s article on “The role of the Armenian police force in relations between the authorities and society” is covered by the ArmeniaToday news agency.
14   Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s (RFE/RL) “Caucasus Report” publishes an assessment of the Azerbaijani armed forces. The assessment, entitled “Azerbaijan’s unsinkable general” and co-authored by ACNIS Director Richard Giragosian and noted RFE/RL Caucasus expert Liz Fuller, focuses on conditions within the Azerbaijani defense sector in the wake of renewed threats of war in recent months by senior Azerbaijani officials.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) published a crucial assessment of the Azerbaijani armed forces, co-authored by noted RFE/RL Caucasus expert Liz Fuller and ACNIS Director Richard Giragosian. The article focused on conditions within the Azerbaijani defense sector in the wake of renewed threats of war in recent months by senior Azerbaijani officials.

Manvel Sargsian’s article entitled “Why is there an issue on the reduction of Azerbaijan’s military budget?” is published by the Armtoday.info news agency.

ACNIS Administrative Director Karapet Kalenchian’s article on “The recognition of the Armenian Genocide: questions, questions, questions” is covered by the Armenia Today news agency.
19   Manvel Sargsian gives an interview to the Zhamanak daily newspaper entitled “Armenia is in favor of the Madrid principles, whereas Azerbaijan favors the renewed ones.”
22   Sargsian’s article entitled “Erdogan’s démarche: politics, or the symptom of confusion?” is covered by the Armtoday news agency.
22-26   In cooperation with the Yerevan School of Political Studies (YPS), a Council of Europe-funded institution, ACNIS participated in a workshop in Tbilisi, Georgia, organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.
23   ACNIS Founder Raffi K. Hovannisian gives an interview to the Radio Liberty and reflects on the Armenian-Turkish relations.
27   Sargsian’s comments on “There is confusion in the diplomacy of normalization” are covered by the Hraparak daily newspaper.
30   ACNIS Director Richard Giragosian provided a closed briefing on current developments in Armenia and the broader region to representatives of the diplomatic community and international organizations in Armenia. As the second in a new series of monthly briefings, ACNIS provides international organizations and the diplomatic community in Armenia with an independent source of analysis and information on political, economic and security-related issues in Armenia, but with an added analysis of regional issues and trends.

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