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Accounting for the Decade


Table of Contents

Preface (in Armenian)

An Initiative Still Underway:
In Pursuit of Nation-Building and a New Political Culture (in Armenian)

On the Center’s Agenda, 1994-2004

From the Bottom of the Heart: Anniversary Congratulations

Interview with Raffi K. Hovannisian
A Creed that Harmonizes the Trinity of National Interest, Democracy, and Rule of Right (in Armenian)

A Glance at Ourselves and the World: Analytical Articles

Richard Giragosian
Forging Stability and Fostering Security in Armenia (in English)

Davit Petrosian
The Reasons for Armenian Success in the Karabagh Conflict, 1991-1994 (in Russian)

Manuk Harutiunian
The Challenges of Globalization and the Role of the Diaspora in Armenia’s Modernization (in Armenian)

Mushegh Lalayan
The Principal Components of National Ideology (in Armenian)

Aram Harutiunian
The Factors of Strategic Balance in the Region

Haik Demoyan
Armenian-Turkish Relations in the Context of Regional Developments (in Armenian)

Emma Begijanian
Nakhijevan and Turkish-Iranian Relations (in Armenian)

Sergei Shakariants
The Third Coming of the Kurdish Question (in Russian)

Vrej Jijiyan
Armenia and the Prospects for Regional Economic Development (in Armenian)

Hovsep Khurshudian
Economic Growth in Armenia:
Thanks to or Despite the Current Administration? (in Armenian)

Stepan Safarian
Closed Gates: The Caucasus Region in the Old Dimensions of Security (in Armenian)

General Arkadiy Ter-Tadevosian
The Military Balance as a Major Guarantee for Peace in the Region (in Russian)

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Current Issue

“ Accounting for the Decade”
Selected chapters from the Center’s Yearbook for 2004

Table of Contents in Armenian

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