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  κÜîðàÜÆ úð²Î²ðàôØ   1994-2004  ON THE CENTER’S AGENDA

An International Conference on “Regional and Transregional Cooperation and the Resolution of Conflicts
A Specialized Seminar on “The Role of Police in a Democratic System
The New International Economic Order: Problems and Developments
Obstacles to the Establishment and Development of the Armenian Economy
The Experience of Economic Reforms and Prospects
Armenia’s Banking System and Issues of Financial Policy
Prospects of the Denationalization Process and Development of the Energy System in Armenia
Military Security Issues and Prospects for Achieving Peace in the South Caucasus”
The Anti-Corruption Program of the Government of Armenia
The Human Right to Life and Its Protection in Armenia
“Global Trends and Regional Developments”
The Possibilities of Improving the State Management System
Prospects for Civil Aviation Development in Armenia
“The Contemporary Issues of Armenia’s Foreign Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation”
The Government’s Tax and Fiscal Policy
The Key Issues of Intellectual Property Management in Armenia
An International Seminar on “NATO after the Prague Summit: Prospects for Regional Cooperation


Special Program on Minorities

Within the framework of the project on “Coordination among National Minorities and Information Exchanges on Minority Rights in Armenia,” a series of specialized policy seminars with the support of the Council of Europe Confidence-Building Measures Program on:

“The Rights of National Minorities in Armenia: Armenia’s Prospects after Admission to the Council of Europe”
The Educational and Cultural Guarantees for the Self-Preservation of National Minorities
The Religious Problems of National Minorities in the Armenian Reality
The Key Provisions of the Draft Law on National Minorities: Old End or New Beginning?
The Rights of Armenian National Minorities in 2003-2004


National Public Opinion Service

A series of public roundtables to issue the results of public and expert opinion surveys on:

My View of Armenia’s Future
Armenia’s Foreign Policy, Orientation, and Attitude toward Power Centers of the World
Regulating the Karabagh Conflict
The Trends of Economic Growth in Armenia
The Challenges of Culture and Value System in Armenia
Armenia’s National and International Security in the Next Decade
Corruption in the Armenian Reality
The 13 Years of Armenia’s Independence and Sovereignty


Related Seminars (National Citizens’ Initiative)

Human Rights and Christianity: Issues for Coordination
Contemporary Issues of Armenian Ethnic Self-Preservation
Issues of National Endurance and Security
The Nation’s Cultural Values: Ways and Means of Preservation and Expression in Armenia and Diaspora
The Role of Religion and the Church in Shaping and Preserving Armenian Identity
Armenian Rights and Interests in Jerusalem: New Challenges
Politics and Morality
Elections: Factor, Tools, and Procedure
Armenia’s Judicial System: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Armenian Emigration: Causes, Effects, and Patterns
Armenia and Current Regional Realities
Political Confrontation in Armenia: Causes, Effects, and Solutions
Army and Society
Armenia’s Current Phase of Democratization: The Backdrop of European Integration
Resolving Karabagh: The Current Stage of the Search
The Trends of Economic Growth in Armenia
Armenia in the Current Security Systems of the Region
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“Accounting for the decade”
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Accounting For The Decade


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