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On January 28, Armenia celebrated the Army Day. Among the festive events held in honor of the 26th anniversary of the RA Armed Forces, the citizens, the country's political and military officials, state officials visited the military pantheon of Yerablur and paid tribute to our heroes who did not spare life for the homeland. For the Armenian people, this holiday really became the most significant. There is no more tangible contribution to the formation of the state than the dedication of people to ensure security. The son of a nation, be it a peasant, businessman, official or professional soldier, an 18-year-old or 70-year-old man, is a hero in the defense of the homeland, since self-sacrifice was the most important virtue among the moral and psychological qualities of a person at all times. Such heroes do not need official recognition, society itself appreciates and honors respectable heroes.

Sargis Hatspanian, one of the intellectuals of the Armenian people, who made a great contribution to the defense of Armenia, died prematurely, and the public demand was to bury him in Yerablur. However, there was uncertainty in this matter, since Hatzpanyan, with his rebellious attitude towards injustice and lawlessness, constantly turned to the current administration with criticism, as a result of which he was imprisoned and did not apologize, having completely served his term. On January 27, the Department of Information and Public Relations of the Defense Ministry of Armenia issued a statement that the issue of Sargis Hazpyanian's burial in Yerablur was discussed in the ministry on the orders of President Serzh Sargsyan, and despite the absence of any documents, the problem was positively resolved. It seems that the question of Sargis Hatspanian's funeral had a positive outcome, and when Armenians bow their heads in Yerablur for our heroes, the name of Hatspanian will be among these heroes.

Nevertheless, there remains a heavy sediment in all this. For all, it was obvious that the delay in deciding on the burial of Hatspanian in Yerablur was due to the fact that the country's top leadership was against this outcome. Finally, as was mentioned in the report of the Ministry of Defense, it was only on the instructions of the RA President that the Ministry of Defense obtained permission to bury Hatspanian, who was awarded the title of Hero, along with our other heroes. It raises questions. These days, the development of grounds for perpetuating the government of Serge Sargsyan is accelerating. The RA Police, the National Security Service, the State Protection Service, the State Oversight Service will become government bodies that will be subordinated personally to the Prime Minister, government meetings will be closed, and so on.

The RA Police, the NSS, the State Protection Service, the State Supervision Service will become the bodies of state governance, which will be subject to the prime minister personally, the government sessions will be closed, and so on. Isn’t it all of a sudden that the heroes of the people who came out of the nation and joined the defense of the state and died, could be included in the list of heroes and have a place in the military pantheon of Yerablur only by Serge Sargsyan's personal order? In all countries, there are heroes who never bow their heads to injustice. Sargis Hatspanian was one of them.

To require the hero to apologize in order to get out of prison, that is, to humiliate him, and artificially "bring him" to their door after his death, asking to bury him, and then to assert themselves on the hero's body -- is at least unacceptable. This is more than anti-heroic behavior.

It's worth it to think about it.


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