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The moment of sincerity of the Armenian parties

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Parties are formed to participate in parliamentary elections, especially since there will be no more presidential elections, and they have no other opportunity to show themselves. Many parties refuse to participate in early parliamentary elections in December. And those who take part in the elections say that they are participating in order to get the role of the opposition (with the exception of the Civil Contract Party). This is a strange behavior, especially considering the fact that for the first time in Armenia there is a conviction that the elections will not be rigged. This, it seemed, was supposed to stimulate an increase in the number of participants, but the opposite is happening. What is the matter, what happened to the political system of Armenia and why do many parties give up their original meaning?

Political parties in Armenia cannot become political institutions with broad public participation. The ruling party of the day provides its masses with participation in the business and elite nomenclature, and it serves as an employment bureau for ordinary members.

The basis of any developed state is a political system, including political parties, civil society, which become a single unit of society thanks to a specific value system. As a result, on the one hand, society becomes the carrier of the corresponding political culture and acquires political consciousness, on the other hand, the parties are socializing.

All this is governed by the Constitution, laws and political traditions. Political organizations and groups that do not accept the rules and values of the system or are outside the field, or their activities are prohibited by law.

The system of values and political culture, which is the core of the state, has not yet been created in Armenia. The Constitution was reformed at every political stage in the interests of one or another government, the Electoral Code was turned into a tool of manipulation, and the Law on Parties does not regulate the political process.

The change of power in April showed the bankruptcy of existing laws and institutions. The parties have nothing to say, and the society has no political criteria, political consciousness and legal awareness to evaluate them.

In this situation, the entire failure of the political system suddenly came to the surface. Parties cannot convincingly explain to the public why they are participating in elections, and the public does not understand why they should participate in the voting. There is only one way left: to blackmail and intimidate the electorate more convincingly, to create an atmosphere of danger, to make them go to the polls and fulfill their duty as a proud citizen of Armenia.

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