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Armenia in the circle of Russian-Chinese initiatives

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It has long been evident that the Armenian media and discussions in social networks, mainly focus on the internal processes in the country. It seems that the attention of journalists and the public is drawn to any trifle inside the country, in comparison with which everything happening outside of Armenia does not cause any interest. Even events directly related to Armenia are of no interest. And if they do, then most often, as themes that inflate internal intrigues within the country.

A typical example was the reaction of the Armenian public to the international economic forum held on June 6-8 in St. Petersburg. From the whole layer of information about the events at this forum, in Armenia they noticed only a quote from the spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, who cited a phrase from the speech of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. At the same time, many, for some reason, saw in this quotation the fact of scornful attitude towards Armenia and jointly condemned the press secretary of the Russian Foreign Ministry. At this interest in the forum dried up.

Nobody in Armenia understood what happened in St. Petersburg. At least, few people spoke on this topic. As a result, the emerging overly important political line in international politics, where Armenia has a weighty role, has gone unnoticed.

This is an unprecedented bid by Russia and China to form a comprehensive partnership in strengthening global strategic stability. The pompous reception shown by the leadership of Russia to Chinese President Xi Jinping, who arrived in this country, and also, statements of a landmark nature, leave no doubt about the far-reaching intentions of both countries. Against the background of a tough trade war between China and the United States, such intentions of Russia and China look fateful for the whole world.

We, however, should be particularly interested in the fact that on the eve of and during the international economic forum in St. Petersburg, both superpowers showed the most important gestures towards Armenia. Xi Jinping's statements that Armenia is an important partner of China in its “civilizational” policy, the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China to Armenia and the signing of an agreement on visa-free travel between the two countries testify to the great interest of China’s leadership to Armenia.

The gesture of Russia on the eve of the forum is also interesting. The press secretary of the Russian president emphasized that in addition to the President of the People's Republic of China, they were waiting for the Prime Minister of Armenia. And as the demonstrative acts of “politeness” towards the Armenian prime minister during the days of the forum, asking him questions across the board as a “strength test”, testify that Armenia was not expected in vain in St. Petersburg. The fact that in the bid of Russia and China for forming a comprehensive partnership, Armenia was asked to occupy a special place was quite transparent. Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan in his speeches did not hide the fact that Armenia has something to offer in the emerging international configuration. And he even offered the formula for achieving "universal happiness." It is noteworthy that in these discussions the usual important persons from other post-Soviet states were absent. Apparently, little is associated with them in the new perspective.

Such are the things... How things will develop further - it is worthwhile to follow more closely than we did this time.

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