Monday, 10 May 2021

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Regime change is inevitable

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It is impossible to stay in power for a long time through law enforcement, defence and security agencies. It is also evidenced by world practice and history. In the first place, law enforcement, defence and security agencies must in their turn substantiate what this government is for and who it serves, and whose security of life and activity (as in the case of every citizen) they are obliged to protect. In other words, the law enforcement, defence and security agencies - the police, the army and the NSS and all the others - must be strongly motivated, while at present we do not see such motivation.

Second, the public should at least be divided by race, nationality, religion or social groups, in particular the rich and the poor for the meaning of the existence of such government be reasonable for at least part of them. However, there is no such division in present-day Armenia, neither is there any ideological dichotomy.

In fact, there are no  thoughts, ideologies, manifestations of worldview, and debates in present-day Armenia. This is a crisis in political thought, however, besides all the mentioned, there is a government that is answerable for the defeat in the war, as well as there are a number of unanswered questions about the policy pursued by that government. And we will get those answers after the regime change.

However, against this backdrop, we again pursue the policy of rejection. In 2018 we rejected Serzh, now we reject Nikol. We are united “againt” and not "for" some cause, which is not visible even in the far horizon.

We are facing another circle of regime change. It will happen because the level of responsibility of the incumbent government is heavy, suspicions related to deliberate defeat are so multi-layered, that they cannot be ungrounded. Regime change will undoubtedly take place.  There will be snap elections.  Those in charge of the incumbent government will be asked significant question, and they will have to answer them.

The barrenness of the political field and political thought will remain and persecute us. Therefore, the public will continue to live in a situation of lack of confidence in any new government and it will continue to be disoriented, and state institutions will continue to collapse. This is a crisis of statehood, but every crisis can turn into a launch of a new path and be an occasion for re-evaluating the past and the present.

Nikol Pashinyan was "not born" from scratch. We have been longing for a regime change for many years and that regime change took place in 2018. Now we must understand that the regime change is a mechanical process without a substantive component of changing the content. Thus, a new regime change is a necessary , but not a sufficient condition. A difficult political phase is ahead, and we must be ready for substantive discussions, be able to listen to each other and speak in essence.

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