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International relations and political illusions

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The first appearance of the term "international relations" only two centuries ago does not imply that there were no such “relations” earlier.

They in fact date back to the time when the concept of "state" in the modern sense did not exist.

International relations regulate all possible links and relations between countries, however they do not nullify the interests of the states, which they pursue by any means,  including wars.

Why does this issue loom large at this crucial time for our country? Many are deeply convinced in assuming that there are international relations based on established rules, and there is an international community built on humanitarian ideas and principles of human rights. Moreover, in the opinion of the majority that value system is predominant, and the atrocities that were common in the 20th century and before are impossible in the 21st century.

There are still many who believe in it. Further, when they came to power, they proclaimed about their commitment to those values as a state policy. But it is wrong to think that international relations are anchored on those value systems.

On the other hand, it would be wrong to claim that human rights, democracy and other humanitarian ideas are false or ineffective. They are the foundation of the domestic politics of any modern and leading country, and naturally, we must strive to enhance those values ​​in Armenia.

International relations have rules, however the criminal world also has its rules, the violation of which carries severe penalties. However, this does not make the criminal world legal and humanitarian. International relations are based on state interest, which implies involvement of allies, balance of power and economic-financial interests which are promoted in any way.

Humanism, human rights are the language but not the content of modern politics. The civilized world is based on interests, creating problems for its competitors, and material and resources dividends.

In this respect, nothing much has changed in international relations in recent millennia.

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