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The street's mandate. Prime Minister without preconditions or with preconditions?

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After ensuring the constitutional requirement to collect signatures of at least one-third of the total number of deputies for nominating the prime minister in the National Assembly, Nikol Pashinyan said. "I must become prime minister without preconditions." Weren’t "preconditions" voiced during the unprecedented national movement and was the desire for power for the sake of one person, or, nevertheless, did people unite for something else? If so, then for what exactly?

The promises voiced through the revolutionary loudspeaker suggest fundamental and rudimentary transformations in the state system. Without such transformations, the "revolution" is directly transformed into a government change.

The goals announced by the revolutionary loudspeaker around which hundreds of thousands of people united are "preconditions" in the name of which the government was changed. Let's recall that the main motto of the movement against Serge Sargsyan was that the people punish for lying. Nikol Pashinyan played a decisive role in the unprecedented mass movement in Armenia, but people united for ideas and expectations. At first the slogan was clear. "Reject Serge" or "Make a Step, reject Serge". Serge was rejected during the mass movement, moreover, he publicly announced that he was wrong. In this case, the prime minister's agenda was announced: amendments to the Electoral Code and the Law on Parties, after which snap parliamentary elections will be held. The events developed quickly and dramatically, during which it became clear that if the National Assembly elects Pashinyan, the Constitution does not allow early elections in not less than a year, and the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) remains the supreme authority in Armenia, the parliamentary majority, that is, the real bearer of power. In a year it will be possible to express a vote of no confidence in the government and form a government of the Republican Party of Armenia, if previously the Republicans can preserve the unity of the faction. In a year it will be possible to express a vote of no confidence to the government and form a government of the Republican Party of Armenia, if the Republicans manage to preserve the unity of the faction. The fate of changes in the above-mentioned laws will also depend on the will of the parliamentary majority.

Simultaneously, a new slogan appeared on the street - "love and solidarity", and in parliament - the specter of the government of "national consensus".

A third of the necessary votes for the candidacy of Nikol Pashinyan for the nomination of the Prime Minister are provided by the oligarchic party, the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP), as well as the long-time RPA ally and co-author of numerous illegal actions in the country - ARF Dashnaktsutyun. And the question of the presence of the parliamentary opposition remains open, which is a constitutional incident, a turmoil that has no solution.

Thus, the main achievement of the "Armenian Revolution" was the fact of politically active youth, the change of people's thinking and the end of despair. However, the problem of political achievements and systemic changes remains open and even unformed.

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