Tuesday, 20 April 2021

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In anticipation of real changes

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Serzh Sargsyan’s system exhausted itself, and he was forced to leave. And so it happened: he left, but the question of transforming the system remained open.

The government system may collapse, or it may be transformed - there is no third option. The government system consists not only of power, but also of many derivatives of power, such as the opposition. Any changes also imply the appearance of qualitatively new officials, however, on the basis of which value system new officials are appointed or even by what criteria Nikol Pashinyan was guided when “appointing” members of the “My Step” block, is still unclear. At least, the general public does not have information about this.

It is unclear what transformations the proclaimed revolutionary government will go through and on the basis of what concepts structural changes will take place and what problems will it all solve. There are many questions, but no answers. Or they are being late.

If the criteria for system changes and the appointment of new personnel are unknown, then we must assume that Serzh Sargsyan’s system has not collapsed: it is in a conversion — transformation phase. Of course, the odious leaders left, and also the RPA as a symbol of the past. Serzh Sargsyan personally provided this and the RPA is not a victim of the new government, but rather of Serzh Sargsyan himself, but we have another problem. Will there be a transformation of the government, or is there a “spiritual” architect of the new government who is able to deliver institutional transformation?

The society feels the need for such a transformation, and the new government also feels what is expected of it, but does not know what to do, and decides to change the structure of the government, offers to change the national anthem, the flag, and then change something else, but public expectations won’t be satisfied by changing the design of the state.

There are no rules in the struggle for power (the oppositionist Pashinyan could say whatever he wanted), but the authorities cannot rule the country without clear rules. The relationship between the former criminal-oligarchic authorities was laid on a criminal basis, which was also regulated. Now, if the new government denies such a relationship, then what are the principles of the new system? We have no answer yet again.

The members of the “My step” bloc vote unanimously, always support the proposals of the government and avoid public platforms. This is misbehavior for revolutionaries, it is even a counter-revolutionary stance. Since the new government has not yet announced a new value system, this burden falls on the public and extra-parliamentary forces. Whether the public and extra-parliamentary new and old forces will be able to transform the proclaimed revolution into a real revolution - time will tell. It is also a question of time whether representatives of the parliamentary majority will join the case, or will they continue to keep silent or justify the contradictory statements of the prime minister?

In any case, the public expects real changes, and first of all, in the field of values.

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