Friday, 17 September 2021

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Changing world and realization of one's own interests

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Against the background of turbulent domestic political events in Armenia, important events take place all over the world, especially in our region. US National Security adviser Bolton made unexpected statements during a visit to the region, which previously contradicted the current geopolitical alignment. In the CSTO, there is a serious confrontation between Armenia on the one hand, and Belarus and Kazakhstan on the other, which is not only actively watched by the CSTO countries. In Georgia, there is an uncertain situation due to the presidential elections, which may affect the country's foreign policy, which will have significant consequences for us. There is also a tense situation around Iran. Such fundamental changes can be long listed.

Due to changes in the world, many prominent theorists are now questioning the current international order and discussing possible principles and architecture of new international relations. International organizations are faced with the need for transformation: new alliances are being formed, new conflicts are emerging, new relations are being built.

With regard to these processes, the question arises: how the political organizations of Armenia and the Armenian society in general evaluate these phenomena? Is our political elite able to transform, change the way of thinking and analyze it in accordance with the dictates of time and respond adequately to new realities, if necessary? After all, everything that happens around us directly affects our security. In particular, judging by the views of politicians, analysts and journalists about the conflict situation in the CSTO, it seems that we are not ready to evaluate the processes that have arisen.

Many do not view the CSTO and the EAEU as well-coordinated and united structures consisting of allies, and therefore in conflict situations they fall into despair and demand an exit from them. Of course, it is possible to withdraw from any international organization because of a serious conflict of interest or because of a sharp change in the geopolitical vector. However, experience shows that in such cases emotions are the worst advisers, conflicts of interest and disagreement are possible in any international organization. The same thing happens in the EU, NATO and around the world.

International politics is based on balances, long-term and short-term alliances. With a decent participation in conflicts and the promotion of one’s own interests, the weight of the country rises, and it is not by chance that today, unlike the previous authorities, the weight and role of Armenia have increased dramatically in CSTO. In some situations, the previous authorities could not act boldly on international platforms in order to protect their own interests and react to undesirable events in our country. It is enough to recall the famous session in which Nazarbayev read Aliyev’s letter, and Serzh Sargsyan listened with his head down and did not react at all. Fortunately, now the behavior of Armenia has changed. In international relations, the role of those countries is influential, which do not shy away from protecting their interests and principles and, if necessary, are ready for confrontation.

Times have changed, and the political elite of Armenia must deeply comprehend this simple truth.

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