Tuesday, 20 October 2020

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Political system can not be formed in terms of irrationality

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Moral and psychological atmosphere in Armenia is deteriorating. Populist harangue and populism embraced the whole of society. In such a destructive situation it is impossible to conduct a serious, objective discussion or debate.

Societies that do not have a clear system of values and social orientations are doomed to lose their integrity and usefulness and, naturally, become victims of political tricks.

Any society usually has not only the values and social guidelines, but also the authorities that shape and develop these guidelines. As a result of the blurring of public guidelines, authorities are removed from their pedestals, although no one replaces them.

Intellectual potential, based on the anchor of rational and ethical norms, loses its influence on society, and people who are not burdened with these qualities begin to form public opinion, and society without guidelines cannot evaluate good and bad, right and wrong, productive and unproductive. Passions, emotions and people with the innate gift of playing on these feelings come to the fore.

This is the situation in Armenia. The political field collapsed, and civil society is not so well situated between “Old Armenia”, “New Armenia”, “old generation”, “new generation” - on opposite sides of fake barricades. On public platforms, weather is created by journalists and fakes in social networks. It is clear that political debates and dialogues cannot occur in such a situation, because there are no points of dialogue that would be perceived by society. In addition, there are no universally recognized political figures in public life therefore there can be no political decisions.

As a result, public relations with public figures and parties moved from the area of the mind to the area of emotions. People either believe or do not believe them. Faith, not reason, has become the driving force of political life. The rational word has lost its consumer.

Societies without guidelines either love or hate. Any sober thought contradicts the dilemma of love or hate, therefore it is declared anti-national.

The political system can not be formed in terms of irrationality. The only way out is to reject emotions and feelings and return to reality.

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