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May 19-26

Mike Pompeo delivered his first public address on the Trump administration’s Iran strategy

The Washington Post writes that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered his first public address on the Trump administration’s Iran strategy at Heritage Foundation on 21 May--two weeks after President Trump terminated the United States participation in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, more commonly known as the Iran nuclear deal.

Pompeo stated that “President Trump withdrew from the deal for a simple reason: it failed to guarantee the safety of the American people from the risk created by the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” He also said there will be “no more wealth creation for Iranian kleptocrats. No more acceptance of missiles landing in Riyadh and in the Golan Heights. No more cost-free expansions of Iranian power.”

Pompeo emphasized, that “the JCPOA permitted the Iranian regime to use the money from the JCPOA to boost the economic fortunes of a struggling people, but the regime’s leaders refused to do so. Instead, the government spent its newfound treasure fueling proxy wars across the Middle East and lining the pockets of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Hizballah, Hamas, and the Houthis.” He also added that the United States will “continue to work with its allies to counter the regime’s destabilizing activities in the region, block their financing of terror, and address Iran’s proliferation of missiles and other advanced weapons systems that threaten peace and stability. We will also ensure Iran has no path to a nuclear weapon – not now, not ever.”

The Secretary of State also presented a list of goals on Iran. According to Pompeo, the U.S. will apply unprecedented financial pressure on the Iranian regime and will work closely with the Department of Defense and regional allies to deter Iranian aggression. He stated, that the U.S. will “advocate tirelessly for the Iranian people.” “The regime must improve how it treats its citizens. It must protect the human rights of every Iranian. It must cease wasting Iran’s wealth abroad.”-said Pompeo.

During his address, Pompeo said that President Trump “is ready, willing, and able to negotiate a new deal” but only if Iran meets certain demands, like ending enrichment and pursuing of plutonium reprocessing; ending its proliferation of ballistic missiles and halting further launching or development of nuclear-capable missile systems; ending support to Middle East terrorist groups, including Lebanese Hizballah, Hamas, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, as well as ending its threatening behavior against its neighbors--many of whom are U.S. allies.

Pompeo concluded his speech with a final remark: “My final message today is, in fact, to the Iranian people. I want to repeat President Trump’s words from October. President Trump said that, “We stand in total solidarity with the Iranian regime’s longest-suffering victims: its own people. The citizens of Iran have paid a heavy price for the violence and extremism of their leaders. The Iranian people long to reclaim their country’s proud history, its culture, its civilization, and its cooperation with its neighbors.”


Prepared by Marina Muradyan

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