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The Awakening of Forces and an Exhausted Armenia

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The presentation of the book "Awakening of Forces" by Mikheil Saakashvili and its subsequent sale were banned in Yerevan. According to the book’s translator Mikael Nahapetyan, the pre-planned presentation at Yeghishe Charents house-museum was cancelled for some technical reasons, and the "Noyan Tapan" bookstore refused to hold the presentation to avoid future problems. As a result, at the last moment the presentation was arranged in one of city’s pubs. All this once again proves that Armenia is entirely in the political orbit of Russia and is no longer sovereign enough to allow any anti-Putin manifest inside the country.

Taking into account that in September 2017, the exhibition called “Eclipse”, which was dedicated to the victims of Soviet repressions at Tumanyan's house-museum was also forbidden, the tendency of censorship is becoming more urgent in post-Soviet, CIS fictitious states. Many performances, books and films have been banned in Russia in recent years by the efforts of the Minister of Culture, Medinsky. The last scandalous case was the prohibition of the British comedy - "The Death of Stalin". Mr. Medinsky is a devout member of Vladimir Putin's regime, who is actively engaged in the propagation of the myths, which are now forming the official Russian history since 2000.

The narrative of Russia’s present is also formed on the basis of propaganda and myths and their collapse may lead to the abolition of Putin’s regime. Saakashvili, who managed to break free from the Russian swamp, eliminated corruption as the main pillar of the Putin regime and began the integration of Georgia into the civilized Western world, frightens not only Russia but also the Armenian regime, which is part of Russia's organized criminal world.

Armenia, which has its unique place in the infrastructure of the Russian criminal world, no longer controls neither its past nor its present. Since independence, many national movements and protests have been co-opted and used to frustrate the democratic values in Armenia, thus Saakashvili's "Awakening of Forces" is a description of the exhausted hopes and missed opportunities of the Armenian society and probably that’s the reason it strikes fear in the hearts of authorities.


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