ACNIS founder Raffi K. Hovannisian meets with German Ambassador Bernhard Matthias Kiesler.

Center director Manvel Sargsian’s article entitled “Political Realities of Armenia: Major Threat to its Security” is published by the Armenian Institute of International and Security Affairs, and Aravot.am, Hetq.am, Lragir.am, and A1plus.am news agencies.


Manvel Sargsian gives interview to 168 Zham newspaper on “The Situation is Really Explosive.”


Sargsian’s comments on protracted talks between the Republican Party of Armenia and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation on political cooperation are covered by Galatv.am news agency.


ACNIS holds a round-table discussion on documents related to Mountainous Karabagh (Artsakh) recently considered by European institutions, attended and featured comments by leading regional analysts, policymakers, public activists, and journalists.


Center founder Raffi Hovannisian meets with US Ambassador Richard Mills.

Hovannisian visits Russian Embassy, confers with Charge d'Affaires Andrey Ivanov.


ACNIS director Manvel Sargsian’s comments on “The Participants of the Meeting in Stepanakert Demanded International Recognition of Mountainous Karabagh” are covered by Kavkaz-Uzel.ru news agency.


Manvel Sargsian gives interview to Arminfo.am news agency on “The United States Offers Russia a Fundamental Role, Which Will Finally Set It on Its Feet.”


Sargsian gives video comments to 1in.am news agency on “Russian Military Base in Gyumri Is a Threat to Our Security More than Ever.”


Raffi Hovannisian holds a working meeting on the state of the Republic with UK Ambassador Judith Margareth Farnworth and German Ambassador Bernhard Matthias Kiesler.

Manvel Sargsian gives video interview to Lragir.am news agency on “Great Secret of the Inception of the Movement 88.”


Center director of administration Karapet Kalenchian gives interview to Tert.am news agency on “It Would Be Dangerous for Aliev to Resume the War.”


Manvel Sargsian gives video interview to Lragir.am news agency on “Unknown and Mysterious Pages of the Karabagh War.”


ACNIS founder Raffi Hovannisian attends Kuwaiti National Day reception, and confers with Ambassador Bassam M. Alqabandi.

Hovannisian receives Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China Tian Erlong.


Center director Manvel Sargsian is the guest of “3-rd Hazaramyak” program on Shoghakat television.


Manvel Sargsian takes part in a roundtable-discussion on “Turkish and Azerbaijani Factors in Latin America: Key Issues, Challenges and Armenian Community’s Tasks,” organized by the Ministry of Diaspora.


ACNIS analyst Armine Ghazarian gives interview to Lragir.am news agency on “From ‘Written off’ People to Field Generals and Careerists.”