ACNIS director Manvel Sargsian’s comments on “A View from Yerevan: Valeriy Permyakov Has Not the Most Principal Connection to the Tragedy of Gyumri” are covered by Arminfo.am news agency.

Center analyst Armine Ghazarian gives an interview to 1in.am news agency on “Russian Reactions Are not as Disturbing as The Foreign Propaganda Within the Armenian Authorities.”


Manvel Sargsian gives an interview to Lragir.am news agency on “Gyumri’s Russian Military Base Has Become a Headache for Everyone.”


Sargsian is the guest of “Azatutyunits 100 Metr Heru” program on Civilnet internet television.

ACNIS director of administration Karapet Kalenchian attends the presentation of the first issues of periodicals, entitled “Magazine of Genocide” and “International Journal of Armenian Genocide Studies,” published by The Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute.


Center director Manvel Sargsian is the guest of “Agora” program of Lragir.am news agency.


Sargsian is the guest of “Tarm Ugheghov” program on Lratvakan Radio.


Manvel Sargsian gives an interview to a168 Zham newspaper on “The Minsk Group Made Division of Responsabilities by Recognizing Armenia’s Punitive Role in the Mountainous Karabagh Conflict.”