ACNIS director Manvel Sargsian gives an interview to Hetq.am news agency on “The Lord Has Come and Should Be Served.”


Sargsian holds a press conference on Armenia’s regional and foreign policy covered by local media.


Manvel Sargsian takes part in a video bridge on “Vilnius Summit and Future of the Eastern Partnership.”


Sargsian gives comments to Regnum.ru news agency on “What Did Vladimir Putin's Visit to Armenia Imply?”


Center analyst Saro Saroyan gives an interview to AraratNews.am news agency on “A Soft Agreement Could Lead to Dispersion of Iran’s and Russia's ‘Expansionist’ Forces.”


ACNIS releases its annual review, entitled “ Armenia 2013: Overcoming the Challenges,” during a presentation held at the Center. The publication highlights and summarizes the major social and political developments of 2013.

Center director Manvel Sargsian gives an interview to Newsbook.am news agency on “Civil Society Is Disorientated.”


ACNIS analyst Edgar Vardanian’s comments on “Why Did Not Armenia Follow the Ukrainian Path?” are covered by A1Plus internet television.


Center public affairs specialist Ashkhen Musheghyan’s article entitled “Part One: The End” is published by Haykakan Zhamanak daily.


Manvel Sargsian gives an interview to Lragir.am news agency on “Success Is Born From Proper Questions.”


ACNIS director Manvel Sargsian is the guest of “Ditaket” program on Civilnet internet television.