Saro Saroyan

Yerevan—ACNIS analyst Saro Saroyan gave an interview on Armenia-NATO cooperation to news agency.

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“Ahead of 2012 Parliamentary Elections”

Yerevan—ACNIS analyst Edgar Vardanian gave an interview to De Facto magazine.

Direct link: De Facto (in Armenian)

“Army as Reserve of Power?”

Yerevan—ACNIS Director of Research Manvel Sargsian gave an interview Ekho Kavkaza news agency.

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Armine Ghazaryan

Yerevan—ACNIS analyst Armine Ghazarian gave an interview to news agency on March 1, 2008 tragic events.

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Saro SaroyanYerevan—ACNIS analyst Saro Saroyan gave an interview to Armenia Today news agency.

Direct link: Armenia Today (in Russian)