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۳` 賽ٳϳ ѻﳽݻ ѳϳϳ ϻ

5 2009., : 賽ٳϳ ѻﳽݻ ѳϳϳ ϻ () ߳ݳ ۳ ѳ ݻ ϳ ݻ ѻݳ ѳٵ ۻ ӳ , ݻ ݳ ѳ г۳:

߳ݳ ۳ ݷ dz۳ ϳ ݳ ݳϳ ݹ : ܳ ѳٳͳ Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty- (RFE/RL) ѻ, ӳ ѳݹ ݹ Jane's Information Group-` ݹ񳹳ݳ ݳϳ г ϳ, dz dz-ʳճ dz ͳ ճϳ, ϳ ݷ۳ ݹݻ: ۳ ݷ ߳ݳ dz ѳϳϳ ѳ ϳϳ ѳݳ ϳ ѳݳϳ, ݳ ջ û û National Steering Committees ݳ˳ѳϳ ߳ݻ ݹ:

۳ ѳٳͳ ѳ 賽ٳϳ 糽 ѻﳽݻ ϻ (CSIS), ûٳ ݳ, 糽 ݷ۳ (ISN), ϳ ˳ճ۳ ݳ ݻ ѻ, ݳ ݻ Jane's Defence Weekly-, the China and Eurasia Forum Quarterly-, Jane's Intelligence Digest-, the Hong Kong-based Asia Times Online-, Demokratizatsiya-, Jane's Foreign Report-, the Journal of Slavic Military Studies-, Jane's Islamic Affairs Analyst-, the Turkish Daily News-, the Turkish Policy Quarterly-, the Harvard International Review- ϳݻ: ܳ ݳ ɻ Newsweek- 糽 ۳ ۳ ó ٵ (dz) ݳ ݷɳɻ Turkish Policy Quarterly ѳݹ ٵϳ ݹ:

ݳ . ѳ۳ ݻ ߳ݳ ݹͻ, ݳ ϳݹ ѳ λ 15-۳ ճϳ ѻﳽݻ ݻ ߳ó: ѳ۳ ` ۳ ϳ ݳ Ͻݻ , ݻ ߳ݳ -, г۳ ٳ ݳϳ ݻ ѳٳ λ` г۳ ϻ ݦ:

г۳ think tank, λ ϳ ѳٳ ϻ۽ ߳ݳ۳ ѳ ϳ ٳ 鳽ٳϳ ѻﳽݻ ݻ, ݻ ѻ۳ 5 ݻ` ѳ۳ ѳ, , 糽 ͳݳ ѻﳽݻ, ݷ۳ ݹݻ ݳ ѳٳ˳ѳ ͳݳ ݻ:

ݻ г۳ ѻﳽϳ ѳ۳ , λ ó ų ٳ ݻ г ϳ۳ ϳٳ ѳٳϳ Żճٳ , ݳ ݻ۳ ѳ ѳ ѳ۳ ѳݻ:

λ ϳ ݳϳ ݻ ٻ ` ٻݳ ϳɳͻ ۳ ѻ ݳ۳ Ͻݻ ˳` ͳ, 鳽ٳϳ ݳ۳ ݻ񳽹 :

ѳ` - ѳݹ ݳ ߳ ݻ ݻ, ϳݳ ϳٳϻ ݻ, ݳ-ݳݻ ճ ѳݹݻ, ݻ ѳ۳ ߳ ϳ ճϳ ݹݻ : س ѳٳٳ ݳϳ ݻ, λ ϻ ݻ ݳ׻ ٳϳ ߳ ݹӳϻ г۳ ճϳ ݻ :

賽ٳϳ ѻﳽݻ ѳϳϳ ϻ 1994. ݳ ݳ˳ . ѳ۳ ųݳݳ ѳ۳۳ ݻ ɳ ݳݻ ۳: л ѳٳ˳ѳ ݻ, ݻ ˳˻, ѳ۳ ѻ ͳɻ λ ѻ ѳݹ ճϳ ͳͳϳ ӻ 糽 ѳٳ ϳٳ : λ ݳѻ ѳϳ ͳݳ ݷ۳ ѳٳͳ۳, ճdzϳ ۳, ۳ ѳٳ ߪ ݻ ճϳݻ ϳ ѻﳽ۳:

ջݻ ѳٳ ϳ ٻ Ϊ , ۳ 75, ѻ (37410) 528-780 ϳ 274-818, ѻ׻ݪ (37410) 52-48-46, . root@acnis.am »õ info@acnis.am:

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