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June 1, 2010


In an interview with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s Armenian Service, ACNIS Director Richard Giragosian commented on the June 1 meeting between Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian and his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev, in Rostov-on-Don. The two presidents discussed Russian-Armenian bilateral economic relations, “regional issues of mutual interest,” and the future of Armenian-Turkish diplomacy, according to Russian officials.

According to Giragosian, the Rostov meeting demonstrates a Russian attempt “to send a clear message” to the West and represents “a Russian diplomatic answer to the April summit in Washington, during which the Armenian president met with the Turkish prime minister.”  The ACNIS director added that the meeting was “an example of Russia exercising and demonstrating its diplomatic importance and significance in terms of Armenian-Turkish relations.”  He also warned of a possible shift in Russian policy, driven by its attempts to improve relations with Azerbaijan, and noted that “only ten days ago, the Azerbaijani defense minister was in Moscow on a high-level visit.”

Sarkisian and Medvedev held a similar discussion of Armenian-Turkish issues in their last meeting in Moscow at the end of April.  The Rostov meeting was timed with a special European Union-Russia summit, and follows a state visit to Turkey by the Russian president last month.  President Sarkisian also attended an annual horse race organized by President Medvedev and held a meeting with the governor of the Rostov region and representatives of the local Armenian community. The Russian president also announced that he will visit Yerevan in August.

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