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Confrontation between the Future and the Past

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In recent days, we have had the opportunity to see two different Armenias. One of them is a weak-willed and apolitical interconnected mass in the parliament, and the other is on the street: young people with backpacks. This is Armenia of the Past and the Future. Two parallel worlds, one of which tries to extend the life of the past, and the other, to make the future a reality. These two Armenians live in different realities and do not have common ground. They are separated from each other by the police. The first one bootlicking its leader - the guarantor of its existence, without which it is doomed to collapse, and the second still lives in hopes, but does not have a project of its own future.


Armenia of the Past

The beginning of the formation of Armenia of the Past was given in 1988 in parallel with the national struggle for Artsakh, in the bowels of which the mass of the opportunists began to emerge. Wars are for some self-expression and self-sacrifice, and for others - the discovery of new opportunities and prospects. In the bowels of the Karabakh movement, a new corps of people has appeared, for which there is only one value - greed at the expense of the public. Time has shown that this human collective is the most viable part of Armenia. For them, life was clear, the goals were clear, the interests were formulated, and the only thing remaining was to find the right leader.

Today's parliament is a group of subordinated people, divided into different sub-groups of interests - businessmen, local authorities, withdrawn from circulation, "former clients" who have deliberately settled in the RPA, and the "political wing" of the personal use of the Armenian leader. These are intelligent people who have arisen on specific interests, who know exactly what they want and from whom they want. It is not by chance that political speeches in the parliament are occasionally heard, and in rare cases of political debate, there is sometimes a sincere appeal not to politicize this or that bill. The interests of these groups could only be balanced by Serzh Sargsyan, and thus he made everyone dependent on himself. But at the same time it is a trap for the groups formed on these interests, since the termination of Serzh Sargsyan's political career also puts into question their future. They have no political and, perhaps, not only political, perspective. This is the futile Armenia of the Past.


Armenia of the Future

Armenia of the future is young people who took to the streets and want to change their lives. But young people, unlike Armenia of the Past, do not have formed interests and a political project for the future. This is an expression of the lack of perspective, discontent, the desire for change and the hope of an uprising against the past and the gray present. But without a political project, without a clear and conscious new system of values, new methods and political technologies, "Future Armenia" is unlikely to become a reality.

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